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Process for Graceful Destructuring with the Field of Hope

Chosen RealitiesAs things may become more chaotic over times to come (see blog post on Angels and Demons), it is very appropriate to spend time in conscientious destructuring.

1. going beyond comfort zones and being ‘new’ in areas of stagnancy
2. vigilance about any reactionary patterns

It is not enough to recognize that you are impacted by major cosmic changes that are causing chaos to touch your life, but you must be willing to participate and step into mastery.

A simple thing to do is go into meditation, and feel passionate engagement in life as a dance with the Infinite. Invite volcanic magma to dissolve structured belief systems, roles, attachments, world views. Start with areas of compromise, neediness, stagnation, and strong emotional reaction.1 See the magma gaining momentum until it becomes an unstoppable flow that destructures and destroys all illusion. Do this throughout a full day, taking frequent pauses to let the magma move in unstoppable flows in your life.

Polarity has opened up a space in life—do not leave it wide open as a gap for illusion and chaos, but make it into a Field of Hope that engages powerful ascension attitudes and is steeped in the poetry of life, and in the eternal, inspired perspectives, and the spirit of adventure. Create strong intention to establish in self-sovereignty and emotional equanimity. Feel the hope magnetizing you to highest potentials in the moment.

Almine has stressed the Field of Hope, which is such a power that eventually it becomes mapped out in fluid time maps of Infinite Intent. She has warned to not send ‘light and love’ to areas of life, as this flushes up even more unresolved stuff. (Light and frequency attract their opposite).

These are useful steps:

  • Remain in a state of neutrality when faced with things that would have you feel unsettled. In neutrality, as the observer, you are rooted in awareness beyond the events playing out, and have access to far more resources. Shock drains consciouness; judgment binds you to illusion. Only in neutrality will clarity come.
  • Release the need to understand. When you decide to leave the illusion, it does not serve to try to understand it. Fill with hope that knows all life to be benevolent, for impeccabile flawlessness in how things transpire.
  • Create the Field of Hope, and ask that it be mapped out on all 7 levels of perception. In the process, go into inner space and feel the qualities from the Inner States of Nature that would be most appropriate to be activated in you. The States of Nature are the language of the High Heart, which causes inner and outer to become a seamless Moebius reality—it closes all gaps and mobilizes the outer environment to match your Field of Hope.

When you have worked through the above and are in a place of greater mastery, start wearing the foot sigils that are available as a free download on the AlmineDiary, at Sigils for Grounding. (You can shrink and make a few copies on a page, laminate and cut into pairs to put into boots and shoes). Add the power of Fragrance Alchemy, and experience graceful destructuring…

FA logo 2

Fragrance Alchemy Oils

In addition to the ones posted the Angel and Demons post, you may wish to add:

  • Lion of Judah on the sacral chakra, 2 inches below the navel, and conscientiously be in surrendered trust. This is the oil of surrender.
  • Fuchsia or Goddess Blend, for its ability to support you to becoming the ‘eye of the storm’. Apply above the pubis bone, at the tailbone, at the bottom of the feet, and on Spleen 6 points, bilaterally.
  • Blue Lagoon or Sandalwood, for their properties to impact on mood and enhance the ability to be in true hope. Wear on temples, top back of head, at atlas joint area on the neck (Du 16), in front of the ears, and rub into the middle of the ears (where there are major auricular master points for mind and body harmony).

After applying the oils you’ve selected, take a few moments to be in praise and gratitude to the angels of the FA oils. They will start to work with you when you engage them, and will communicate with you through fragrance (e.g. you will smell their presence even if you are not wearing the oil).

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