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Angels and Demons ~ Alchemical Oils for Fluidity

In light of what Almine has shared with us on her vulnerability in letting things get to her, we are called very poignantly to release all preference and expectation, and become as fluid as we can. When we hold onto nothing of the last moment, and strive for full presencing and passionate engagement here and now, from a place of deepest authenticity, then we become ‘self-composting’ in each moment and take up the role that angels and demons have assumed in this reality. Our inner demons come from resisting the destructuring of what has been. Holding onto story, identity in roles, past memory, and any spirit programs of what should or should not be will invite chaos to come seemingly from outside.

At the shamanic retreat in 2014, we explored evil and what harmlessness truly was, through examining harmfulness. Almine opened the exploration by stating that evil is live backwards…full living of all that we are leaves no room for judgment, and that which we judge as exclusively holy or as evil are two poles that are equally unreal.

From the chapter on God, Angels, and Demons, in The Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma, we are told the following:

Q. And demons then, what function have they?
A. The embodiment of chaos are they. Order is that which wishes to maintain grids of knowledge of bygone days. Man values order’s predictability. Chaos is suppressed by humanity. From having only order, there would be a structured society. This brings stagnation and evokes calamities.

Q. But order brings peace and chaos pain. How can we from chaos, benefits gain?
A. Demons hold chaos, which otherwise would have to manifest in human lives. A purpose they serve until man can see, that chaos is nothing more than destructuring. Life is like a flow, like the seething seas, not a static construction that is the same eternally. The answer to avoiding catastrophes lies not in clinging to order, but through balance within.

Q. Will this the existence of demons negate?
A. Yes, but then you must also the angels forsake. They represent the rejected parts of yourself: your self-made heaven and inner hell. Look beyond the judgments taught by humanity, and see with the eyes of eternity. The thunder and the sunshine, all are part of the poetry.

A foundational step in graceful destructuring is to release memory and emotional debris from the 12 Ordinary Meridians (OMs) and clear the primary illusions from the 8 Extraordinary Meridians (EMs).  When the 8 EMs are clear, life is fluidly ‘assembled’ from all 7 levels of perception, and we live the balance of chaos or order, which is a state of self-composting fluidity through exhuberant authentic expression.

The 8 EMs activate on the Song of Joy in the cells, and they have the power to regenerate the 8 programmed cells at the base of the spine–they are the vessels of fertility that feed the sexual magic of the 24 chakras of the body.  The 12 OMs then organize life around these fluid parameters, in complete surrendered trust that comes from embodying their 12 tones of harmlessness.  Almine has stated that the 12 OMs sing the ‘tones of fluid manifestation’ when they are clear, and together with the power and perpetual resources from the 8 EMs, they create “a womb” in which manifestation can take place, via hormones that broadcast Infinite Intent to the environment.  Through these pheromones of divine intent (a pheromone being defined as a hormone of manifestation), the primal element (matterless matter) responds into articulation. When the meridians are free flowing, linear time is no more, and we operate in exponential time of the standing waveform of infinite potential.


Alchemical Oils to Support Fluidity

lotus oil • Size: 3.5 mls, 18 mls, 33 mls • Price from: US$20 - US$139add to cartto product
To awaken the hidden centers of the body, which enable seeing life beyond face value and fully living the surrendered life of magic. Lotus may be applied to the 13 main joints to bring fluidity to these body portals that support us to become the living paradox. We then live chaos and order as one, in the form of profound surrender and exuberant participation from the fullness of being.
Promotes the fluidity of mastery, releasing the bondage of belief systems which keep us in stagnancy and invite chaos from outer life. It encourages spontaneous authenticity. This may be applied to temples, back of head (atlas joint area), and also on 13 joints.

desert moon
Can be applied to the womb area (for both men and women, as it awakens the deep peace from the ‘masculine womb’ of the dream body. Good oil to wear before bed, and also use the sigil to prevent dream interference (you may find it on the Almine Diary).

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