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The Song of the Fauns to Empower Fragrance Alchemy

The first sound elixir that came (to Almine) in for inner space from the Fauns, was designed especially for the empowerment of the fragrance alchemy oils.

Almine explains in a short audio (link on Diary, below) that a new form of alchemy has come in,  the Alchemy of Evolution, or open-ended alchemy. The new alchemy uses symbols of fragrance, because the language of fragrance speaks inter-dimensionally. The FA oils and their sigils, are specifically used to remind us of the indivisibility of life.

7 wheels SBHWe are clearly moving to tools that support us to operate on all 7 fields of perception, as perception, or vision unfettered by matrices of beliefs, is a free energy device. As we live from deeper levels, we have a deeper pool of resources to draw from.  Almine has expressed it in this manner: we may look at the 6 levels of perception as forming the banks of the River of Life (7th circle). These banks provide a fluid structure to contain the River when we can live on all 6 simultaneously. The 7th field of perception then gives us the ‘flow’, while the 6 other fields give us a fluid structure to contain the flow–the perpetual source. Fragrance Alchemy is a language that speaks across all dimensions, thins and dissolves the matrices, and supports us to access greater resources and to flow refinement to all levels.

Sigils of the fragrances are enhanced by this particular elixir from the Fauns (below). The music is designed to strengthen the properties of the fragrance, and the sigils bring specific properties into emphasis. Both can be used to enhance the FA.

Playing the music can enhance the power of FA to remind us that we are one with Source, and behind the facade of our personalities lies the eternal and indivisible essence of our being.

You may listen to the elixir here.

To download the elixir and listen to Almine explain the power of the elixir of the Fauns, go to the Almine Diary on this page.

Treat yourself to the art and music of the hidden realms on this page, to” activate the magical eyes”. The newest fragrance oil, Almine’s Secret Garden, supports the senses to refinement to see the magic reality behind appearances.

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