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Simple Ear Points for Profound Shifts

ear master pointsIf you have chronic anxiety or stress, you will benefit from this simple technique, which uses the three most potent points in auricular acupuncture therapy for homeostasis, centering, and a return to self. Rub Blue Lagoon or Sandalwood (suggested for their mood enhancing qualities) on both index fingers and rub into the ear to  cover the three top points : Shenmen, Sympathetic, and Point Zero, in the image. Then press a nail into each point area and hold for 30 seconds on each. You may use the affirmations provided below with the point names and descriptions.

Shen Men (top of 3 points)

This is the most popular point in ear protocols. It is a master point that affects the entire body. Shen Men, known as ‘Divine Gate‘, is so powerful that it treats almost everything–stress, anxiety, depression, inflammatory diseases, and more. It is best known for its calming effects. Use it to shift out of anxiety, overwhelm, confusion, and hyper-active states.

  • I enter the peace of surrendered being. By presencing this very moment in stillness, I open to graceful unfolding.”

Sympathetic Autonomic System Point (2nd point from top on image)

The sympathetic nervous system is what gets the body in the fight/flight mode for survival purposes. When it engages, our digestive and organ functions shut down, and resources go to support the fight/flight response. We are supposed to be in parasympathetic mode when not in an emergency response. Most people live in constant stress and so are in a continual SNS state. This is devastating to health and locks us into illusion. Stimulating the Sympathetic Autonomic Point moves you into the parasympathetic state where body healing and regeneration may take place.

Repeat the affirmation above, or use the following if it speaks to you:

  • I dwell in the loving embrace of the One Life; I need do nothing else but be in this place of reverent recognition.

Point Zero (3rd point on image)

This is a centering point that lines up with the solar plexus area when the ear is seen as a homunculus (i.e. the entire body is mapped onto the ear). When you need greater presence and potency through calm centering (eye of the storm), you may stimulate this point.

Point Zero brings the body back into homeostatic balance. It is known to balance energy, regulate the brain, viscera, and the hormones. It is a catch-all and used in so many treatments.

  • I am confident presence–fully engaging the moment’s potential from my whole being.

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