Reducing the Damaging Effects of EMFs

The EMF products (also for ELFs) that Almine has just come out with have come out for very good reasons.   We are reminded that Almine receives these tools directly from Source, and there are precise reasons for these products at this time.

At the December 2018 retreat, Almine explained that EMF waves lock in memory for about 2 years from the time of exposure. If memory is locked in, it prevents the renewal of life, and keeps the gap open between past and present.   In addition, EMF waves distort memory, which makes it very hard to process in any real way, because what is remembered is false.

We get trapped in illusion when life cannot renew itself through us. With EMF exposure, the renewal of life cannot upgrade in places where there has been interference. An since they are distorted, any amount of trying to clear it will simply generate more emotional distortion.  Think of how many times you have had  to revisit issues that you really thought you’d dealt with…

The EMF bath salts clear the body where memory has been locked in, and the Sacred Space oil and the alchemical T-shirt keep out any further interference.   And then we also have the Forever New oil, which prevents leaking resources into illusion.   We are being greatly assisted to deepening into full presence on all dimensions of reality, and at some point we will be impervious to interference and mind control.

We have also been given sigils for EMF protection, to be placed where computers are, one to be placed under beds and chairs to shield against geopathic stress, another for protection against radio waves and cell towers, and one to be placed near electrical devices.

I will be including a miniature laminated version of the sigil to be used for cell phones with all Fragrance Alchemy orders henceforth.

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