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Forever New ~ Oil of Rejuvenation

At this time in evolution, there is a big push to disentangle from the world of man-made sub-creations, like the institutions that hold humanity captive in belief systems that program behavior.   When we seek to get anything from the illusory man-made sub-creations–what we’ve been referring to as the holographic screen of life in the ‘mirrors’–we become  bound by them.  To the extent that this is the case is the extent to which we will find ourselves aging and in failing health. (1)

If you are captive in a world of form,  you are unable to affect it, as one cannot change that which holds you captive within it.
Concepts of Embracing the Unknowable (2)

The Rejuvenation oil, Forever New, was received by Almine because it was our next step to become aware of. There is a center an arm’s length in front of us, at the edge of our energetic fields and just below navel level, and it is indented when one is leaking to a sub-creation. It is here where our life-force gets siphoned from us. This is possible whenever we are seeking to get something external to us.  Since there is nothing outside the self, this cords us into illusion.  This FA oil fills this indented space such the the leak is plugged up, but we must follow through by withdrawing all our energy and focus from anything that has appeared as an external need…external belief system…institutions we have lived within, etc.

We need nothing, but to know that we have all, and the higher insights to becoming our own source of sustenance will pour forth.

Almine further elaborated on the Forever New oil at the December 2018 retreat, explaining that transient beings (entities) attach at this center, to prolong their existence that is long past due. When this transiency without (by these attachments) stops being an externalized distortion, then we can live transiency within. Transiency lived within is the forever renewal of the cells upon our everlasting journey. “We have not lived this as we kept one foot in man’s institutions up to now…” (1)

Another one of Forever New’s functions is that it will support weight loss in the belly area.  Weight gain in this area is the body’s response to try to prevent drainage of resources by others. If you are allowing enmeshment with others in your life, you are allowing cording and energy loss.  A subconscious response of the body is to attempt to mitigate this through holding a layer of fat in that area.

The state of ever newness is foundational to the meridians, chakras, Inner Family, and all systems becoming unified fields. It is also a fundamental requirement in becoming our own source of sustenance.  I am so happy to have this new formulation as we embark on the monumental year ahead, where we are reclaiming all lost gems through the eons in the Dream of separation!

To summarize functions of Forever New that Almine has shared thus far (and she said there were many more…I have asked for more information and will be sure to post more if I get information):

  • An oil of Rejuvenation that activates functions of the awareness particles.
  • Pushes indentation an arm’s length in front of the navel outward by filling it with awareness particles, preventing drainage of energy by others and parasitic beings.
  • Transiency without will stop being an externalized distortion and we can live it within. Transiency lived within is the forever renewal of the cells.
  • Provides support to disconnect from giving power to external (man-made) institutions or taking from them (in neediness)–which pollutes our bodies. We reclaim the resources and our cells stat to renew themselves.
  • Supports release of weight gain in the belly area, which was a protective mechanism to prevent drainage of resources by others.
  • Supports the creation of pristine space in and around our bodies, as we no longer leak to illusion and invite its pollution.

Further to the above, Almine recently added this:

“The body’s memory of being able to self-renew is stored in the brain stem. The messages to the cells of the body to renew themselves, become blocked by heavy metal toxicity, and EMF pollution. The use of the Sacred Space EMF Repair Bath Salts once a week, is a powerful tool to keep the route of communication clear between the brain stem and the cells. The Forever New oil provides a stimulus to the brain stem to remember its role in reactivating this function of cellular renewal.”

How is Forever New different from the Self-Regeneration & Self-Rejuvenation oil that came out in 2017?

Self-Regeneration & Self-Rejuvenation blend  deals with cellular regeneration by reminding atomic matter of its higher function – it overrides the memory of decay or impairment held in the atomic matrix (the electromagnetic field generated by the electrons). Almine said it goes well with use of Forever New, and it can be applied to scars and wrinkles, as we focus on ageless beauty as our reality.  So it works on atoms, whereas Forever New works on awareness particles and has unique functions in plugging up energy leaks and others, as listed above.

(1) General information from the December 2018 Silent Retreat with Almine.
(2) Concepts of Embracing the Unknowable, Transmissions from the Hidden Planets, Almine, LLC Spiritual  Journeys,

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