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Aromatherapy – Q&A with Almine


I am a Fragrance Alchemy distributor, and I frequently have massage therapists ask me whether the oils are suitable for aromatherapy. What should I tell them?

The Fragrance Alchemy oils are very concentrated isolate blends by design. Used as fragrance oils, and blended through alchemical processes to affect the emotions and moods, their potency enables the user to get their benefits by using just a few drops. They are too concentrated to use as a massage oil, but ideal to use in preparing an aromatherapy massage oil. The therapist chooses the fragrances according to their desired effect, and blends them with pure almond oil to the strength they wish. This enables them to prepare massage oils for men and for women.

Some suggestions to start with :

  • Flight of the Falcon… a men’s fragrance that engenders self-confidence and strength
  • Arabian Nights… a men’s fragrance that enhances sex appeal
  • Oasis Sunset… a men’s fragrance that clears stress from the muscles
  • Goddess of Ecstasy.. for enhancing Feminine sex appeal
  • Wings of Rapture… a feminine blend to stimulate joy and vitality
  • The Heart of the Rose… a carefully prepared blend of roses from around the world and other florals, to bring comfort and emotional healing.

Anita’s note: for the list of oils and their many properties, see FA Oils By Theme


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