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The Twelve Oils of High Magic


These new FA Blends stand out as being in a class of their own! Their refined potency entrains the wearer to a new reality beyond what is attainable by most.

These oils are an essential tool for the masters who are preparing for the stage beyond Resurrection — the limitless life of Incorruptible White Light; a life of High Magic. In High Magic, the miraculous is a side effect of a live well-lived, following inspiration and guidance from our highest truth that arises in the moment unfolding.

Watch this video by Almine on the body as an expression of our limitlessness:

Read about the 12 oils below.

Available in the usual sizes: kits of 3.5 mls or 18 mls sizes, as well as a 2.4 sample kit that is easier for travel.


With the 18 mls size, you get an elegant red pouch to store your oils in (good for travel).


FA Kit to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians

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Experience the power of 12 alchemical oils received by Almine, to clear the 12 ordinary meridians of debris from false emotions and painful memory that keep us bound in repetitive cycles and under the forces of decay.

These alchemical oils have the power to dissolve memory and trapped emotions from the meridians, when used regularly. And they cause instantaneous shifts to emotional states.

This product comes with the FA oils, the basic manual, and some additional support material (more extensive materials sold separately for $37). For more details, see below.

Sizes Options:

FA 12 OM kit may be purchased in sample size (2 mls), larger 3.5 bottles that have the convenient dropper, and 18 ml size for practitioners and those who use the oils frequently.

The 18 ml size kit is discounted by $240 (over 40%) off the price if purchased separately. Comes with an elegant red pouch with the Fragrance Alchemy logo on it. Also comes with the full support materials for the basic kit.