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Magnolia – This innocent and youthful floral oil is subtle and delicate — a perfect way to announce the distinctive, fascinating woman.

Magnolia’s scent is reminiscent of sweet things that evoke well-being in its midst. Alchemically, this Magnolia oil heals issues of mothering–either the inclination to mother others, or neediness caused by insufficient parenting during childhood.  Magnolia brings deep contentment and feelings of wholeness, so that the compulsive behaviors associated with neediness are released.

It also activates the Crown chakra as well as one of the 8 extraordinary meridian that open us to powerful ‘flows of abundance’. You may read more details on this, below.

Therapeutically, Magnolia oil is said to increase circulation, act as a sedative, benefit the skin, and relax the mind and body.  The amazing thing about these alchemical oils is their properties enhance all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)  in profound ways, for both the wearer and those who are in your midst, and their exquisite scents are often experienced as other-worldly… heavenly..alluring and enticing.

7 Chakras FA Kit


The seven Fields of Perception are levels of awareness of a fully evolved being. The chakras may be considered as ‘lenses‘ into corresponding Fields of Existence that represent great cosmic cycles that we can now live simultaneously….They are vast ‘spaces’ through which we manifest life.  Our perceptual capacities through the chakras–where perception is not only receiving information but also actively emitting information–determine our power to co-create our reality.

Evolved awareness equates to power and potential in life. When we are able to operate from all 7 levels of awareness and can move consciousness at will, we have mastered the tool of Transcendence, which replaces polarity as an energy source.

These alchemical oils clear and evolve the chakra system to its higher function, that is, to perceive in the new feminine cosmos that we have entered. The traditional chakra system has evolved., and these oils will support you to that higher evolved state.  Read more below.

You may purchase the oil kit only, or the oil kit with support materials.

This basic FA kit includes the 7 alchemical fragrance oils:

  • Goddess Blend – to clear and activate the Root chakra
  • Lion of Judah – Sacral chakra
  • Lotus – Solar Plexus chakra
  • Lily –  Heart chakra
  • Blend of the Gods – Throat chakra
  • Gardenia – 3rd eye chakra
  • Magnolia – Crown chakra

Along with the 7 FA oils in the basic kit, you will receive the following materials (no charge)

  • A pdf to keep your oils at high potency
  • Information on the 7 Fields of Perception
  • Information on the Higher Functions of the Chakras

Additional Materials Package

If you wish to explore further, you may choose the option of the additional materials. You will then receive a download link to information (pdfs and audio meditations) on the 7 fields of perception (chakras), to support a deeper dive into the chakras and their evolution. This package contains audio meditations to support the chakra to evolve into a unified field.  The price of materials with the oil is discounted by about 35%.

7th Field of Perception Wheel by Almine,  LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Lotus Oil


Lotus oil is a unique fragrance that creates a very profound awakening in the hidden centers of the body, specifically the pineal and the high-heart. Lotus creates a field of golden light around the body.

The lotus flower symbolizes the purity of the spiritual life, and can be seen as a symbol of merging inner and outer realities, as the flowers have their roots in the water, but float above in sunlight. Celebrated throughout Egyptian culture,the lotus flower is known for its blissful, soothing and calming properties. It stimulates sexuality–elevating it to a power to manifest our aligned intent.

Lotus oil is used in the protocols to clear the 13 main joints of the body, which support the release of resistance to life, and flexibility and fluidity in awareness so we transcend opposition.

Lotus is part of the FA protocol to activate the points of resurrection in the body. Its power to stimulate a hidden acupuncture point in the body that is a receptive center for intuitive information, makes it an invaluable alchemical oil to use regularly.  It also stimulates the solar plexus chakra–center to access the unfathomable.

In addition, it is used in the FA protocol to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–-it clears  the Small Intestine (SI) meridian, dissolving the negative emotions of the SI: insecurity/overwhelm, sadness, feelings of abandonment, and feeling unheard. To read more about its properties and application locations, see below.

Comes with an alchemical sigil to keep your oil at optimal frequency.  With the purchase of the FA oil in 18 mls or more, receive a pdf booklet on protocols for Lotus oil.

Blend of the Gods (Agarwood)


The primary ingredient in this unsurpassed blend, is Oud oil of the highest quality obtained from Augar trees, found only in a few places on earth. Its rarity and excellence has earned it the name of ‘The Oil of Kings’, and in the Middle East it is called ‘The Oil of the Sultans’. Blend of the Gods refined properties stimulate the production and release of hormones that promote longevity, personal power and magnetism, and the evolved expression of masculine balance.

Blend of the Gods helps activate the masculine creational codes in the Lion’s Gate (pineal gland) when worn on the Crown. It is a very rich and potent blend that is sure to become a favorite for men. (Though women love to wear it too!)

Blend of the Gods is used in the Fragrance Alchemy (FA) protocol to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–it associates with the Thyroid meridian (also known as the Triple Heater) (fire element), helping to clear its distorted emotions of hopelessness, depression, despair, and suicidal thought.

Thyroid meridian (TH) balance is key to health, and to our ability to evolve the meridian system as a unified, cooperative field. You will also receive exercises to support TH balance with the purchase of this oil.

There are other uses for this exotic oil that you will learn about in the booklet that comes with the oil. You can also read more on this oil and its properties, below.


Goddess Blend


Goddess BlendLike a golden thread through the tapestry of time, legends have told of the ultimate feminine. Inspired by these ancient tales of a Goddess among men, this evocative fragrance was created to stir hearts and delight the senses. 

This beautiful oil is blended from floral fragrances that represent the ultimate in feminine allure and beauty. Its alchemical properties  helps to instill optimism and self-worth, and balances the mood with even-temperedness . It creates an inner stability and heightened consciousness, which brings poise and confidence to the wearer.

Goddess blend activates the feminine DNA codes, and is also the alchemical oil for the root chakra as well for the clearing and activation of the Spleen meridian and organ, and may be used in many ways to enhance different effects. Read more on the power of this FA oil, below.

A booklet with FA protocols for the Goddess Blend  is included at no charge, with the purchase of 18 mls or 33 mls. You may purchase the booklet on its own as well.


Lion of Judah FA Oil


Lion of Judah oil is the oil of surrender. Its primary purpose is the alignment of individual will with that of the Infinite. When this point on the body is not functioning from its highest evolved state, an individual is inclined to control and manipulate to enforce individual intent. This brings opposition instead of the graceful unfoldment of the surrendered life. The oil can be called the fragrance of surrender.

It is used in the chakra protocol, to activate the 2nd chakra–chakra of Will.  Read below for more details)

This unique blend has both masculine and feminine notes.

Lion of Judah is ideally placed 2 inches below the belly button.

With the purchase of this oil in 18 or 33 mls sizes, you will receive an audio and pdf on aspects of surrendered trust, as given to us by the Lemurian angels.

Sigil for Lion of Judah, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys (