Black Wolf


This eleventh High Magic oil has been named after a Native American spirit that assisted the Seer at a time when she was a single mother without income who had just adopted a nine month old Indigenous baby. He helped her overcome her fear of not being able to support herself or her child by encouraging her to realize that her being was her sustenance. The attitude of self-reliance precedes the reality of it.

This eleventh High Magic oil has been alchemically blended to strengthen the belief in your self-sovereignty. It encourages self-empowerment.


Holy Sanctuary


This lighthearted oil is designed to lift the mood and bring a cheerfulness to the emotions. It is a unisex oil that will gladden the heart of men and women. It is highly suitable as well, for use in environmental water diffusers to purify and elevate the space. See below for more details.

Available in 3.5 mls and 18 mls.

Application: rub in wrists or under the feet if you need to conceal the oil. If you are in a scent-free environment most of the day, a drop under each foot will go undetected. Can also be worn at night.

Diffuse in all the rooms in your home. Great for spas and health stores. Everyone who walks into your space will feel their mood uplifted!

Breath of Spring (Wind/Metal)


Wind / Metal Element

This fragrant blend encourages the unencumbered freedom of authentic expression. It balances the wisdom of being true to your heart, with the compassionate consideration of the impact of actions on the interconnectedness of all life

In the Wind/Metal element, we reclaim our intrinsic value to unfolding life, through full cooperation with the potential of the moment. From this willingness to presence the fullness of the moment and allow life to flow through us unresisted, we open to receiving the full blessings the moment offers.

Living the higher powers of the 5 elements elevates our life beyond the law of compensation.

Power of the One


This potent alchemical oil has been blended by the Seer from five oils, sourced from countries around the Globe, as revealed in a vision. Each ingredient captures the essential power of an element, held within the oil and released by the alchemy.

In combing the five awakened ingredients in exactly the correct order and proportions, a powerful blend is born that awakens the Self-Sustaining qualities of self-sovereign mastery. The body becomes a cauldron, or receptacle, for the alchemy of embodied power.

Comes in 3.5 mls, and 18 mls.

A program to activate the 5 elements will be released in Spring 2020.

The 5-element wheel image, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Fires of Inspiration


The passion stirred by this alchemical oil provides the impetus to follow our inspired vision, empowered by courage and self-confidence. It promotes inner strength and fortitude in the face of adversity.

Fire element ignites the spark of willingness to engage in life from a place of self-belief. It stirs us to passionate engagement and enjoyment of life, which becomes a steady inner glow and contentment that fosters the warmth of unwavering hope.

Living the higher powers of the 5 elements elevates our life beyond the law of compensation.

Forever New


The Rejuvenation oil, Forever New, was received by Almine because a life of self-renewal is our next step.

There is a center an arm’s length in front of us, at the edge of our energetic fields and just below navel level, and it is indented when one is leaking to a sub-creation. It is here where our life-force can get siphoned. This is possible whenever we are seeking to get something external to us.  Since there is nothing outside the self, this cords us into illusion.  This FA oil fills this indented space such the the leak is plugged up, and we can follow through by withdrawing  focus from anything that has appeared as an external need…external belief system…institutions we have lived within, and so on.

This oil has many critical functions, and you can read a few of these below. It is a formulation for both men and women, but can be worn under the feet if men find it too strong or for anyone who works in a scent-free environment (you can apply a very small amount in this case).

The oil is ideally applied 2 inches below the navel.

Wings of Rapture


This oil is the 9th that completes the set of High Magic oils, that takes us beyond directionality.

Existence has a non-linear dimeionsionality. Existence is like a perennial flower that continuously blooms in the multicosm.” Almine

This oil support consciousness expansion to the 9th field of Existence that brings the ability to sense and cooperate wihtthe currents of Infinite Intent cosmically.

For Runemasters, the High Magic oils act as catalyst to facilitate the ability to tap into guidance for cosmic events with the 8th and 9th sets.

Summer Rain


SUMMER RAIN – Activating the Water Element
This blend is experienced as movement between the multilayered notes of the fragrance. Its alchemy is formulated to encourage the fluidity needed for a masterful life of grace.

Water element relates to emotional expression, which when purified, brings the creative power to manifest a life of beauty and grace. Read more below.

Song of the Earth


SONG OF THE EARTH — Activating the Earth Element

This fresh fragrance with earthy undertones helps balance the tendency to resist change, and the inclination to become over-ambitious. It encourages flourishing through grateful acknowledgement of the gifts of the moment. Read more below.

The Alchemical Oils for the Five Elements Kit


The work of the great mystic Almine continues to amaze and lead us deeper into the mysteries of creation and the depth of being.  These latest oil blends support the leveraged powers of the meridians, and open up a ‘bridge’ of  communication between the masculine and feminine, supporting us to a life beyond opposition, in which there is easy flow from intent to form.

Recommended for daily use, these potent oils support clearing at deep levels and bring blessings to all in your environment.

The 5 alchemical oils are:

  • Fires of Inspiration ~ Fire Element
  • Song of the Earth ~ Earth Element
  • Breath of Spring ~ Wind or Metal Element
  • Summer Rain ~  Water Element
  • Rustle of Consciousness ~ Aether or Wood Element

Sacred Space Alchemical Oil for EMF Protection


Product Description

The Sacred Space oil is a unique and powerful alchemical blend, specifically formulated to protect against the detrimental effects of electromagnetic exposure. This unisex fragrance has the therapeutic effect  of helping “the immune system to regulate its vitality… and to refresh the patterns in the brain”. (1)

The Sacred Space oil has an extremely advanced form of interdimensional Alchemy. Although all our Alchemical oils are interdimensional agents – meaning they express in several stages at once – each Sacred Space product is blessed individually and the Sacred Space Angelgod evoked (his name is Mechavanit). The purpose for the additional layer of Alchemy and High Magic done on these products, is so that they can evolve as interdimensional invasion becomes more pervasive. They will continue to shield against EMF from all dimensions and in all its forms. Almine

The oil may be worn under the feet to create a protective space around the wearer, and may also be diffused in a water-based oils diffuser, to cleanse spaces. Great to cleanse all the rooms of a house, and also to use in spas and yoga studios.

With purchases of the 18 mls size, you will receive three powerful EMF protection sigils. You can read about them on this link: EMF Protection Sigils

To purchase the full EMF Protection package upgrade, choose that option below. Again read about the package on this link: EMF Protection

The oil may be diffused in your space. Used with the EMF protection sigils, they are invaluable to the Feng Shui practitioner. Read more below.

(1) Source: The Complete New Age Health Guide, Douglas James Cottrell

Oils of the Four Stages of Awakening of the Divine Feminine


This 4 oil kit has the Fragrance Alchemy blends for the stages of Awakening:

  • Almine’s Secret Garden-2 (for Self-regard)
  • Song of the High Heart (for Reverence)
  • Lily (upgraded) (for Innocence)
  • Lion of Judah (for Intimacy)

Kit comes with

  • Sigils to keep the oils pristine
  • A protocol and sigils to activate the feminine qualities needed for Awakening
  • A pdf with some information on the attitudes

Kit is discounted by 20%.

There is an option with alchemical materials to go deeper into the activation of the feminine body centers. Read more below.