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Dance in the Moolight ~ Healing of the Wild Woman


Dance in the Moonlight ~ For Healing and Activating the Wild Woman

Dance in the Moonlight is a warm and complex blend of the “Moon”, that brings a sense of peace and contentment to depth within. It helps with the ability to follow the beat of our own heart and be self-referencing for approval. A grounding blend that supports deeper presence in the body and safe feminine expression, Dance in the Moonlight ignites the feminine mystery, awakens the intuitive capacities, and enhances communication with the hidden realms.

One of 8 new blends to bring profound healing to the inner family of sub-personalities, and establish harmonious interaction within so that all inner battles cease, and we operate from wholeness and deep self-love.

The expressive Wild Women (WW) brings the ability to live on our terms and disengage from the tribe, as well as to destructure matrices so we live beyond the programmed life. She unleashes resources into our life as we clear what is obsolete and limiting, and enables depth of enjoyment of life.  Read more about the qualities of the Wild Woman, below.

Dance in the Moonlight is available in 18 ml or 33 ml  sizes. 

With your purchase of Dance in the Moonlight, you receive

  • A pdf with a description of the Wild Woman,  affirmations for healing, and suggested applications for the Dance in the Moonlight blend
  • A sample of the FA Blend, Coming Home to the Self


Lotus Oil


Lotus oil is a unique fragrance that creates a very profound awakening in the hidden centers of the body, specifically the pineal and the high-heart. Lotus creates a field of golden light around the body.

The lotus flower symbolizes the purity of the spiritual life, and can be seen as a symbol of merging inner and outer realities, as the flowers have their roots in the water, but float above in sunlight. Celebrated throughout Egyptian culture,the lotus flower is known for its blissful, soothing and calming properties. It stimulates sexuality–elevating it to a power to manifest our aligned intent.

Lotus oil is used in the protocols to clear the 13 main joints of the body, which support the release of resistance to life, and flexibility and fluidity in awareness so we transcend opposition.

Lotus is part of the FA protocol to activate the points of resurrection in the body. Its power to stimulate a hidden acupuncture point in the body that is a receptive center for intuitive information, makes it an invaluable alchemical oil to use regularly.  It also stimulates the solar plexus chakra–center to access the unfathomable.

In addition, it is used in the FA protocol to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–-it clears  the Small Intestine (SI) meridian, dissolving the negative emotions of the SI: insecurity/overwhelm, sadness, feelings of abandonment, and feeling unheard. To read more about its properties and application locations, see below.

Comes with an alchemical sigil to keep your oil at optimal frequency.  With the purchase of the FA oil in 18 mls or more, receive a pdf booklet on protocols for Lotus oil.

Activating the Black Blood Cell as Interdimensional Portals & 3 Brain Centers Activation


Healing the 3 brain centers that have turned the pineal gland into a “black sorcerer” through the feminine’s inactivity, is imperative in order that we leave the disc of linear change and be able to wield the power of the tools of incorruptible white magic. When the 3 brain centers become active, they support the pineal as the white magician through supplying it with the frequencies and tones that were missing for it to feel whole. When these missing tones are restored, in the pineal a 13th frequency-less tone activates, and it becomes ‘neutral’ and surrendered–this is the portal for divine expression. (There is an equivalent portal in the heart, which is the 15th point of the Divine Compassion star of the heart).

When these tones combine, the pineal becomes a seer’s stone and only then do the resurrection acupuncture points activate. Activating of the black blood cell may then follow, and is also imperative for the full activation of the capacity of the glandular system to bring about Infinite Intent into expression. When we so operate from integrated oneness–with simultaneous awareness and activity of horizontal and vertical axes of existence–the body become the gateway for Infinite Intent through the pheromones of godhood.

The material in the program is support for this to transpire. It is one of the key steps in becoming the Bridge of No Time, as the lost tones restored to the pineal and brain enable the full expression of the feminine–of which it is the pro-active part–, and the portal to the Embodiment within the center of the tube torus, which brings into a unified field, all aspects of our being through the power of consolidated divine purpose.

It is one in several steps, whereby we restore all tones of nature so that we become the benevolent custodians of the Earth, singing our home back into full expression. Other steps that open up the visceral sense of organs and sense of skin untouched (6th and 7th outer senses) are taught in the Rune Mastery Intensive program, and will be made into product at the end of the year.

This product contains FA protocols, processes, alchemical elements, and audio talks and meditations to support healing the 3 brain centers and pineal gland, activation of the black blood cell, manifestation through the hidden organs of the body, and restoration of songs that are needed to produce the god hormones. It is a jam-packed product.

Read about materials in more detail below.