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The earthy-warm, mildly sweet, slightly spicy precious wood notes of the legendary Sandalwood oil, present a melodic blend that is distinct, unique, yet not overpowering.

Even with its warmth, this alchemical blend has a fresh scent that is uplifting to the spirit and elevates the mood. It assists in releasing the hold of the past and instills hope. It can be beneficial in creating optimism and self-confidence.

Sandalwood oil is used in the protocols to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–-it clears  the Stomach  (St) meridian, dissolving the negative emotions of the St: disgust, greed, shame, and blame.  As we release these judging emotions, we free ourselves to become authentic as we emancipate from programs of acceptability.  To read more about its properties and application locations, see below.

It is an oil with a rich sacred tradition, said to be one of the most pleasing to the gods, and so is used in meditation and setting sacred space.

While it is classified a masculine blend because of its earthy notes, it works equally for both genders, and the fragrance is loved by both men and women.

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency.

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