FA Kit for Rune Mastery (24 Oils)


24-FA-Oil Kit includes all the oils needed for support in clearing and activation, in preparation for Rune mastery: (all 3.5 ml size bottles)

  • 12 FA oils for the 12 Ordinary Meridians
  • 8 FA oils to clear the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
  • Song of Joy
  • Song of the High Heart
  • Song of the Rose
  • Lion of Judah
  • 3 Surprise Samples of New Blends

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This kit is discounted significantly from the price of these oils if purchased separately.

This FA kit has the all the oils used to clear and activate the 12 ordinary meridians, the 8 extraordinary meridians, and the 7 fields of perception (chakras). These are the three factors in the alchemical number 672 of the Runes and the inner senses.

In addition the kit has the Song of the Rose to activate the 2nd DNA Rose of inner space, the most exotic Song of the High Heart for the 672nd acupuncture point of resurrection (other resurrection point oils are in the 12-set), Song of Joy to activate the 8 extraordinary meridians, and Lion of Judah, oil of surrenderto complete the oils for the 7 chakras.

With this 24-FA-oil set, you also receive (not available elsewhere):

  • pdfs with sigils and information for easy reference and to maintain the frequency of the oils
  • instructions on application and basic clearing protocols, including the protocol to clear sexual and other trauma, and the one for the 3 resurrection points (pristine man, godhood, and supergodhood)
  • an audio meditation through the 12 ordinary meridians
  • an audio meditation to activate the DNA Roses and Resurrection points
  • an audio meditation through the 8 extraordinary meridians
  • an audio meditation through the 7 fields of perception
  • a chakra meditation by Almine given at a retreat

If you have a Rune Mastery App subscription or in the Rune Mastery Intensive Program with Anita, then you will also receive:

  • an e-booklet of meridian art for the 8 extraordinary meridians (light elixirs by Almine), (sold for $25) and
  • a red pouch to carry the oils in, with the Fragrance Alchemy logo (sold for $25)  (while quantities last).


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