The 8 Extraordinary Meridians are the Creators of the 12 Ordinary Meridians

The meridian system defines our reality and experience through life. The 12 ordinary meridians (OMs) are the ‘rivers of our life’ that we journey upon. The Lemurian angels have described them as the “rivers of filth” due to the polluting emotions and memories that bind up to decay. They have acted as gatekeepers of the matrix, binding us to illusion through holding memory as pollutants that seep into the moment unfolding. Yet when they clear, we may experience new clarity, purpose, and grace in our lives. This is because when cleared, the 8 extraordinaries activate and flow into them, perpetual resources from the reservoirs of Source. This brings effortless knowing, all resourcefulness, all power, and all resources, and life starts to feel magical. Read extract in pdf: CLICK ON THE LINK Extract – Notes on Manifesting from HH RMP

Each of the 12 ordinary meridians is in resonance to a power to become effective in living life beyond the drama of opposition. When we live these insights, we release the tension of opposition and polarity of the separated reality, and learn competencies that attune us to a life of no opposites. Through the refined attitudes and perspectives that emerge as we live these potent insights, we choose refined realities wherein the content and quality of our lives is profoundly altered over time. Living these qualities causes you to become impervious to controlling influences by others, and frees you to focus on living a life of your choosing, in alignment with divine Will.

The 8 extraordinary meridians (EMs) impact on the 12 ordinary meridians (OMs), and not the other way around. The 8 EMs are the creators of the 12 OMs; they are the flows of Source, and when fully activated, they bring renewal to the 12 OMs–moving them to their higher expression, which then moves our lives to greater refinement. Yet, when the 12 OMs are blocked by emotions, then the 8 extraordinary channels are inactive–they become stagnant pools into which illusions seep. We are then unable to refine our experience of life, unable to fertilize our dreams, and are then locked into the repetitive cycles of linear change, in a life of struggle and disappointment.

Insights of Harmlessness

When cleared of emotions that entangle and bind resources to illusion, the 12 ordinary meridians are able to express at higher functionality. Through embodying these 12 insights or tones of harmlessness, we are guided to live as the appreciative observer that is fully engaged in life from higher awareness. These active powers ensure that we do not get pulled off center, and swept up in the repetitive cycles of linear, repetitive change (karma). They are necessary precursor to our ability to engage in incorruptible white magic, which is what co-creating our lives is about. Harmlessness is the key to unlocking the magic of the hidden realms, who have much power to support our dreams to manifest in a manner that serves all life.  Why is this?

2nd FoCHarmlessness as Key to Magic

When we get caught in the illusions of the matrix, we bind resources in them, which drains the resources from the subtler etheric realms–in other words, we are a drain on the less dense realities. From esoteric depth of Almine’s teachings, it is  revealed that our greatest gift to life is as conduits of new cosmic riches, which we draw forth by turning the unknowable into the known. When instead we drain existing resources and trap them in subcreations of misunderstanding, we are resisting the unfoldment of higher life. Engaging with the hidden realms is how we will uncover the magic that is latent in our bodies, as they have many gifts to share with those who have an open and joyous heart, and live in the mature harmlessness of impeccable self-responsibility.

Harmonious-Integrating-of-the-Masculine-and-FeminineHarmlessness as Fertile Soil for Androgyny in the Meridians

Harmlessness is so powerful because it is innocence steeped in knowingness–it is the most powerful state through which to find the centered poise of self-fulfilment and self-sufficiency. Furthermore, harmlessness is innocence tempered by mature knowingness from experience.  The knowingness retains no remnants of trauma or pain, but in seeing all in perfection from the eternal perspective, the essence of experience is retained without memory. And so harmlessness is the fertile soil in which the feminine and masculine aspects merge within the meridians.

Chosen RealitiesWhen in harmlessness that surrenders to life and sees its pervasive support and benevolence, challenges are merely the greater self nudging deeper powers of surrender and refined perspective beyond all judgment. so that we can operate from vaster portions of our eternal being. Through perspective and attitude we choose our reality and the more refined that they are, the more of our vastness we draw into conscious awareness. From increasing embodied vastness, we permeate our environment to an increasing degree, until all moves in resonant harmony to the song of our heart. These tones of harmlessness are foundation to living fully, the perspective of pristine man.


Twelve Insights of Harmlessness ~ Video Extracts of Almine From the Genk Retreat

Almine’s first introduction to the Twelve Insights of Harmlessness that move the 12 ordinary meridians to their higher function:


IOH page (password is IoH)

Clearing & Activating the 12 Ordinary Meridians through the 12 Tones of Harmlessness ~

  • In the main audio meditation, we activate the meridians with the help of the angel gods that preside over the twelve Insights of Harmlessness. The meditation leads you through the 12 tones of Harmlessness combined with the potent qualities of the hidden planets.  The qualities of the hidden planets, which are introduced with the 12 meridian video series, are brought in as they add the alchemical power of transmutation and work directly in the 12 ordinary meridians.  
  • You are encouraged to review the 12 insights and do the affirmations before bed each evening for several nights in a row. And ask that you be supported to live those qualities during dream time. Living harmlessness in the channels of the emotional body will also change the quality of your dreams over time.
  • Through your effort at embodying these tones, the angel gods that preside over these insights have the power to clear the meridian-equivalent on the planet. Blessings flow to those who so impact the cosmos.
  • 12 Insights of Harmlessness Meditation Prep Notes RMP1 pdf
  • Wheels-for-12-ToH-meditation pdf. (Stack to place under your chair or under you if you are lying down). Add Sigil of the Real High Heart at upper back, and enhanced sigil of Blahut, behind the solar plexus area. Optionally (all is optional), another level of power is added by creating a sacred circle of the peace wheels around you. (See below)

Wheels of Peace

To add to the process, you may use the set of 7 peace wheels received by Almine. To access the wheels and discussion on each, follow this link:  Password = peace

Introduction to Clearing 12 Meridians with 12 Hidden Planets ~ Audio

Some discussion and a meditative process to expand out into vastness and prepare to work with the qualities of the hidden planets. This audio is part of the 12-video clearing program, but is included here as the main audio on tones of harmlessness also engages the hidden planets.


Audio Meditation on the 12 Insights of Harmlessness and the Hidden Planet Qualities


Table of Correspondences (Meridian Perspective, Time of Day, FA, Hidden Planets, Insights of Harmlessness, & Spinal Affirmations)

Every hour has specific qualities that act as a lens of emphasis.  If you are working with the 12 meridians around the clock, you can use any or all of the hour’s qualities to observe and direct life through that lens. This brings the qualities online and clears the blockages in the different areas of the body. Use the sigils and FA for added effect.   You may also align actions with specific hours, activating the gates in the spine (via the sigil and affirmation), the tone of harmlessness, and qualities of the hidden planets.  Read about the spinal correspondences in the next section (Spinal Affirmations).


Flow Through Meditations for the 12 Ordinary Meridians

Boundless Existence


Connecting the 12 Ordinary Meridians through their Entry/Exit Points

Clearing Guilt

We leak tremendous resources to guilt and regret–thinking we could have done things differently. When we stop that program completely with no exceptions, then we look at things differently…as experiences to get how to do things anew in the present moment. No leakage…The 12 OMs can only become wombs of fluid manifestation when there are no leaks…Guilt is the biggest distortion of the Fall, which severs us from Source, and is most harmful. This audio has tones to clear disappointment and guilt through the meridians.
Daily Meridian Circuit

In this audio exercise, we establish the flow between the 12 ordinary meridians and enliven them with the powerful Attitudes of Exhilaration (of the 24 chakras) and main qualities of the hidden planets. As the meridians flow one into the other, at the connecting entry and exit points, they are assisted to becoming a unified field, capable of holding the ‘hidden gems’ and faculties associated with the magic of man that we may now embody. The elixirs are specially designed to activate these hidden body centers.

This is a short meditation that can be done regularly. The more palpably that you can sense in to the meridian system, the more closely you will be able to follow the changes in the body as things come online and come alive.

  • FA logo 2Fragrance Alchemy: Apply the alchemical oil for each of the 12 meridians, to its entry and exit points, as indicated in the pdf.
  • Optional: Song of High Heart at 672nd acupoint, Lotus on 671st acupoint,Rose on Yintang (between eyebrows)