The 12 Ordinary Meridians (abbreviated OMs) are described as the ‘rivers’ of our life that we journey upon. When the Qi flows freely, life moves gracefully and we are in its flow, whereas when blocked, life feels like a struggle. As life is moving into its next evolutionary phase of growth by inspiration rather than opposition and hark knocks, the gap of cause and effect is closing, and the blockages are becoming more apparent for us to take notice of.

As discussed on the page about the 12 + 8 Meridians, the 12 OMs have been described by angelic beings, as “rivers of filth” due to the polluting emotions and memories that bind us to illusion and repetitive karmic cycles. This is why we have been given Fragrance Alchemy at this time: to clear the emotional/mental debris that has been blocking the meridians and hindering the evolutionary leap that is open to us at present, and activate the meridian system to higher functioning.

As our Meridians Flow with Ease, so Our Life Flows with Grace

The health of the 12 OMs determines what our life looks like, as not only do they give us the power to manifest our lives but what they hold becomes out-pictured in our life. When the meridians are healthy, the body receives all resources needed to evolve and utilizes these through optimal flow. When blocked, parts of our body and our lives are impoverished, deprived, and unsupported.

Essentially, the ordinary meridians ‘downstep’ hidden forces and resources that supply our body and our lives with what we need in order to express, manifest and evolve. These hidden forces come as various forms of Qi that supply the body with power and give the psyche higher awareness: nutritive Qi, immune Qi, sexual potency, longevity, stamina, will forces, power to manifest our destiny, visioning ability, power to overcome and meet challenge, ancestral Qi, receptiveness, inspiration, and so on. The body’s resources flow to various organs and systems, and are transformed at each step, into usable form to support the next body system or organ. When flow is good, we have inner harmony, and every part contributes its power in support of the well-being of the whole. Blocks in one system can compromise the whole as the body is an interdependent system.

Emotional Blocks in the Ordinary Meridians


Ordinary Meridians Impact on how you Interpret, Perceive, and Evolve From Experience

Think of body and life as indivisible–imbalance in life means the body is imbalanced in some way–reestablishing healthy flow in the ordinary meridian system is the most direct way to get our life on a higher track and moving into new territory. And the Fragrance Alchemy is a most elegant tool–simple yet infinitely potent–to stimulate the meridians into clearing and activation.

Negtive emotions

Major Organs of the Body

The main blocks in the meridians come from emotion. Heart meridian is the Regent of the body, and it creates emotion. When Heart is needy due to past trauma and conditioning that stifles our ability to be spontaneous, it creates negative emotions. Negative emotions arise from misperception–conclusions made from limited perspective.  These emotions trap consciousness and get stored in the body’s organs.

Each meridian associates with a major organ as well as a sense organ. The hidden function of our organs is that they ‘organize’ life experiences. Whatever life experiences can’t be interpreted or transmuted to higher awareness get stored in the various organs depending on the emotional charge they contain. For example, unprocessed anger will lodge in the liver organ, and grief will store in the lungs.

There are 4 main negative emotions that associate with each of the 12 meridians and store in the organs over which they preside–so a total of 48 distortions that get suppressed in the body, causing all manner if discomfort and disease. When enough emotional debris gets stuffed down, the organs operate in density…they are like our ‘junk drawers’…and they then malfunction and are unable to do their part in transforming the various chi’s. Organs are not meant to store garbage–they are meant to hold and transform resources. Dense organs operate in a reality of ‘every man for himself’, as they no longer feel supported by a higher indwelling consciousness. (This is the unhealthy state that sets the stage for all manner of cancers.)

But seen from a ‘higher perspective,  what the organs ‘trap’ are the gems of higher insight that each organ/meridian can bring to the equation of co-creating heaven on earth, from our very unique perspective.  And when we process the emotions such that we uncover the gems, we unleash the essence of our uniqueness and reconnect to the core lost part within the Heart: our lost Inner Child.  Its essence is so precious that nothing can be lost, and until we gather up all the gems of consciousness, our hard-working organs will carry the emotional load for us.

Meridians Organs and Sense Organs table

Meridians and the 8 Sense Organs of Evolved Consciousness

Sense organs operate similarly. When we have unprocessed trauma or unpleasant experiences, our sense organs will edit out or alter what they receive. Traumatized sense organs hold back what they perceive in order to avoid change, because change is perceived as fearful. Scientific study has demonstrated that the eyes edit out about 80% of what they receive, and this is because the mind disbelieving what it sees simply holds back that information. Sense organs also distort information through their skewed lens–so a person who has past abuse may hear negativity in what others say to them that really is not there. This means sense organs are operating in isolation as interpreters of information, rather than doing their job as receptors and transmitter–passing eveything along to the indwelling consciousness for proper interpretation from higher awareness. The result is that we see, hear, sense, etc, reality based on what we’ve known…based on the past–this causes life to be stagnant and predictable.

fishbowl ocean 3 The net result is we live in a sub-creation, which is much like going round and round in fishbowl, rather than swimming in the big wide ocean where the adventures that vitalize and evolve our being are to be had. In a fishbowl, life is repetitive and stagnant, resources dwindle, and depression, meaninglessness, illness, and decay set in.

Using the Fragrance Alchemy oils help you to get out of the fishbowl and into the big ocean, where the currents can lead you along your highest path of destiny. As the oils clear the sense organs, they also start to activate the deeper sense organs of evolved consciousness, resulting in effortless knowing and clarity of the next step from a whole-body felt sense.

Nothing gets manifested in your life that is not supported directly by the meridians–that is how important they are. And the more evolved their capacities, the more extraordinary your life will be from a liberated sense of self. confident self-expression, and endless vitality.

Exploring Further

The beauty about Fragrance Alchemy is that you don’t have to understand all of this to get the benefits of using the oils with the protocols for the ordinary meridians. You have only to feel emotions and identify what oil you need, apply it, and be open to releasing old patterns. So maybe take a deep breath, and explore the properties of these most exquisite oils next….Properties of the 12 FA Oils to clear and activate the 12 Ordinary Meridians (product page)

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