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Regal as the splendor of the Pharaohs, Hathor oil is for the bold and self-assured man.  It promotes inner masculine strength and self-confidence to achieve beyond past successes for both genders.

Hathor helps to awaken the sense of adventure through self-belief that is undaunted no matter how big the challenge. It brings the masculine potency to our actions that are unconcerned with outcome and more attuned to direction and what qualities can awaken from those choices. The beautiful achemical oil activates one of the 8 extraordinary meridian that opens us to powerful ‘flows of abundance’ through deeper grounding in the body and in the details of life. You may read more details on this, below.

Note: These potent alchemical oils  enhance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in profound ways, for both the wearer and those who are in their midst, and their exquisite scents are often experienced as other-worldly… heavenly..alluring and enticing.



Luxor Blend – This warm fragrance of deep sensuality heightens sensory experience by increasing sensitivity of awareness. Lush and fertile like the gardens of palaces long forgotten, Luxor whispers messages of regal splendor.  Its rich and subtle blend of fragrant notes complements the expression of masculine virility and appeal. This oil awakens the rising of kundalini.

The kundalini is the power to greatly heighten awareness through activating the hidden centers along the spine/central column. Luxor blend awakens the ‘new spine’ that supports effortless knowing of our next step, and the state where we become the resolution to any challenge we face in life. Supports a life of greater potency and grace. Read on more of its alchemical properties below.

Note: While each of the masculine blends are striking scents and can be worn simply for their appeal, they create a field around the wearer that activates the alchemical properties.  If you wish to emphasize the scent, you might wear it on neck or wrists, whereas if you wish to conceal it because you are wearing other blends at the same time, you would apply it under the feet.

Sample Kit ~ Masculine


This product contains all the available masculine fragrances, enabling you to experience the profound effects of these Egyptian oils. An excellent value for your money!

Each oil is unique, creating a certain emphasis within individuals.

This Sample Set includes the following 10 masculine fragrances in 2.4 ml size:

  • Arabian Nights
  • Bedouin of the Night
  • Blend of the Gods
  • Desert Moon
  • Hathor
  • Luxor
  • Papyrus
  • Patchouli
  • Sandalwood
  • Tutankhamun

Comes with a dowloadable pdf of the sigils to store the oils on to keep them at their high frequency.

For a description of the oils, go to the Original Masculine/Feminine Oils page

Arabian Nights


Arabian Nights – This fragrance is deeply sensual and awakens the self-knowing of male potency. It has aphrodisiac qualities. Its distinct scent leaves a lingering positive impression of confidence and warmth that is soothing to mind and body.

The alchemical blend nourishes the spirit by helping release resistance and be supporting competence to meet whatever life brings with calm and quiet strength from self-belief.

While considered a masculine fragrance, Arabian Nights has notes that make it a much loved fragrance by women too.  A most unique scent with great properties for both genders!




Papyrus ~   subtle and serene, this oil is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon, with rich earthy notes reminiscent of a deep forest.

The exotic Papyrus blend restores the love of adventure within life and awakens the full functioning of sexuality.

It is one of the oils used to dispel illusion from the 8 extraordinary meridians–particularly the illusion of individual choice versus Infinite Intent. We resolve that polarity through inspired, authentic expression. Inspiration comes from our connection to Source within, and authenticity brings our unique perspective into the mix.  When we live by inspired authenticity, the stirrings of the senses act as heralds of things to come.

While a masculine scent, Papyrus is a potent blend to activate these qualities of masculine expression in women too.  We express both masculine and feminine in order to be balanced and in wholeness.