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FA Kit to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians


Experience the power of 12 alchemical oils received by Almine, to clear the 12 ordinary meridians of debris from false emotions and painful memory that keep us bound in repetitive cycles and under the forces of decay.

These alchemical oils have the power to dissolve memory and trapped emotions from the meridians, when used regularly. And they cause instantaneous shifts to emotional states.

This product comes with the FA oils, the basic manual, and some additional support material (more extensive materials sold separately for $37). For more details, see below.

Sizes Options:

FA 12 OM kit may be purchased in sample size (2 mls), larger 3.5 bottles that have the convenient dropper, and 18 ml size for practitioners and those who use the oils frequently.

The 18 ml size kit is discounted by $240 (over 40%) off the price if purchased separately. Comes with an elegant red pouch with the Fragrance Alchemy logo on it. Also comes with the full support materials for the basic kit.

Regeneration/Rejuvenation Rose Quartz & Guasha kit Blessed by the Seer


This product was developed to support regeneration to evolve the body as fluid vehicle for awakening. The Rose Quartz kit has been blessed and alchemically activated by the Seer Almine, to support body fluidity and regeneration, and to induce remembered wholeness.  It will help to restore frequencies of wholeness in face and body, and release distorted ones from the stories and trauma we carry in the cells and other ‘minds’ throughout body and fields.

The product comes with the following:

** The kit: a rose quartz roller + heart-shaped Guasha tool to stimulate blood and Qi flow and acupuncture points on the body.

** Wheels to keep the tools at a high vibrational state:

  • Laminated Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration through the 144 Tones of Purity (and two stickers of the wheel to use on your facial wash or cream
  • Laminated 5-Elements Wheel of evolved consciousness
  • A laminated power stack with the 99 Tones of Innocence

**Four sample-size FA oils to use with the protocols

  • Flight of the Falcon
  • Forever New
  • Self-Regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance
  • Awakening Self-Compassion

** A Rose Quartz guasha ‘mushroom’ to stimulate acupuncture points

**A main facial protocol to heal and activate meridians, organs, chakras, Vagus nerve and other important centers of the body
**Several audio/videos with processes with the kit
**Pages of materials to access on the AiB website (using the Rose Quartz tools)
**Small booklet of uses of the tool
**Video for an Alchemical Facial and body activation

Quantities are limited, and may be on back order when you purchase.

Shipping of $15 has been added to the price. If you’re outside North America, there may be a surcharge.

There are 3 options for the program:

  • As self-study – materials only
  • With Live Support (including all materials) over 28 days
  • As a Repeat Participant – Live Support and no materials

The next date for Live Support is TBA. Email me if you wish to be kept informed.

The Goddess Collection


A collection of alchemically enhanced fragrant oils to awaken the aspects of the goddess within, through the thirteen goddess archetypes. This brings the deep peace of a balanced life, not only to the individual, but also to the environment.


The Alchemical Oils for the Five Elements Kit


The work of the great mystic Almine continues to amaze and lead us deeper into the mysteries of creation and the depth of being.  These latest oil blends support the leveraged powers of the meridians, and open up a ‘bridge’ of  communication between the masculine and feminine, supporting us to a life beyond opposition, in which there is easy flow from intent to form.

Recommended for daily use, these potent oils support clearing at deep levels and bring blessings to all in your environment.

The 5 alchemical oils are:

Oils of the Four Stages of Awakening of the Divine Feminine


This 4 oil kit has the Fragrance Alchemy blends for the stages of Awakening:

  • Almine’s Secret Garden-2 (for Self-regard / above the navel)
  • Song of the High Heart (for Reverence / Thymus area)
  • Lily (upgraded) (for Innocence / 3rd eye)
  • Lion of Judah (for Intimacy / Top of the skull)

Kit comes with

  • Sigils to keep the oils pristine
  • A protocol and sigils to activate the feminine qualities needed for Awakening
  • A pdf with some information on the attitudes

Kit is discounted by 20%.

There is an option with alchemical materials to go deeper into the activation of the feminine body centers. Read more below.

The Twelve Oils of High Magic


These FA Blends stand out as being in a class of their own! Their refined potency entrains the wearer to a new reality beyond what is attainable by most.

These oils are an essential tool for the masters who are preparing for the stage beyond mortal boundaries — the limitless life of Incorruptible White Light; a life of High Magic. In High Magic, the miraculous is a side effect of a live well-lived, following inspiration and guidance from our highest truth that arises in the moment unfolding.
An essential tool for the masters who are preparing for the stage beyond Resurrection – the limitless life of Incorruptible White Light; a life of High Magic.

Oils 1, 2, and 3 enable access to ‘the Unknowable’.
Oils 4, 5, and 6 assist access to the body of information called ‘the Unfathomable’.
Oils 7, 8, and 9 facilitate access to the information known as ‘the Inconceivable’.
Oils 10, 11 and 12 assist access to Unarticulated Potential.

Watch this video by Almine on the body as an expression of our limitlessness:

Read about the 12 oils below.

Available in the usual sizes: kits of 3.5 mls or 18 mls sizes, as well as a 2.4 sample kit that is easier for travel.


With the 18 mls size, you get an elegant red pouch to store your oils in (good for travel).


Joy Blends ~ Living a path of Heart


This kit contains 3 alchemical oils to support you to cultivate a state of enjoyment of life:  Rose oil for the Heart meridian, Song of Joy to enhance the Heart’s joy, and Song of the High Heart.

FA Kit for the Healing the Eight Sub-Personalities of the Psyche


We are so blessed to have new FA blends received by Almine, to support healing and full expression of the sub-personalities.

These FA oil blends support healing and activation of the sub-personalities to full expression, which enable us operate in a manner that we are ‘in this world but not of it’, and to secrete the higher hormones for a reality outside of the law of compensation.

Fragrance Alchemy has been described at the most powerful alchemy there is. These alchemical blends entrain us to remember the pristine and indivisible expression of the Inner Family, which heals the fractured psyche and clears trauma from body and life.

These new FA blends are highly activating to support us to make this profound change to presencing our reality fully through the activated body that operates from our vast consciousness. (Read below for more details).

In this kit you get the following alchemical oil blends, priced at 30% below the price of purchasing individually.

The Vertical Axis of Form:

  • Blues Skies for healing and activation of the Inner Child
  • Golden Flower for healing and activation of the Inner Nurturer
  • The Fountain of Life for healing and activation of the Inner Sage
  • Liquid Gem for healing and activation of the Inner Warrior

and the Horizontal Axis of Formlessness

  • Song of the Dove for healing and activation of the Inner Babe
  • Dance in the Moonlight for healing and activation of the Wild Woman
  • The Elixir of Golden Light for healing and activation of the High Mind
  • Distant Horizon for healing and activation of the Inner Adventurer

Read about the blends and their properties, below.

Included in this kit:

  • The 8 new FA blends for the sub-personalities, in 3.5 mls or 18 mls
  • New labels with sigils on the the bottles, so that oils will be kept pristine when traveling
  • Sample of the FA Blend, “Coming Home”
  • Pdfs with the sigils for the 8 blends
  • Suggested FA protocols (pdf)
  • Wheel of Dynamic Balance of the sub-personalities

A package of materials to start working with the sub-personalities and the 8 extraordinary meridians may be purchased with the oils. See the purchase options listed. The materials you get are listed here. Options for more materials and deeper study are described in more detail, below.

  • Table of correspondences and affirmations (pdf)
  • Booklet of Light Elixirs for the corresponding 8 extraordinary meridians by Almine
  • Audio of the 24 Principles of Coming to the Self (principles received by Almine)
  • Audio to activate the microcosmic orbit of androgynous expression with a special FA protocol
  • Rune integration through the full inner family of sub-personalities (access to the amazing Rune Mastery Environment App)


Anita- Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this Inner Child oil. I am still working miracles with it. It’s making mom and dad much more cooperative in this world. They are much better behaved these days.

Inner babe’ Song of the Dove is the source of inspiration. It’s VERY sensual!
You have to loose your identity in order find this source. Very potent. DhaniI had a sense of deep recognition and activation from the Dance in the Moonlight! Jodie


Wheel of Dynamic Balance of the sub-personalities, by Almine,  LLC Spiritual Journeys,

7 Chakras FA Kit


The seven Fields of Perception are levels of awareness of a fully evolved being. The chakras may be considered as ‘lenses‘ into corresponding Fields of Existence that represent great cosmic cycles that we can now live simultaneously….They are vast ‘spaces’ through which we manifest life.  Our perceptual capacities through the chakras–where perception is not only receiving information but also actively emitting information–determine our power to co-create our reality.

Evolved awareness equates to power and potential in life. When we are able to operate from all 7 levels of awareness and can move consciousness at will, we have mastered the tool of Transcendence, which replaces polarity as an energy source.

These alchemical oils clear and evolve the chakra system to its higher function, that is, to perceive in the new feminine cosmos that we have entered. The traditional chakra system has evolved., and these oils will support you to that higher evolved state.  Read more below.

You may purchase the oil kit only, or the oil kit with support materials.

This basic FA kit includes the 7 alchemical fragrance oils:

  • Goddess Blend – to clear and activate the Root chakra
  • Lion of Judah – Sacral chakra
  • Lotus – Solar Plexus chakra
  • Lily –  Heart chakra
  • Blend of the Gods – Throat chakra
  • Gardenia – 3rd eye chakra
  • Magnolia – Crown chakra

Along with the 7 FA oils in the basic kit, you will receive the following materials (no charge)

  • A pdf to keep your oils at high potency
  • Information on the 7 Fields of Perception
  • Information on the Higher Functions of the Chakras

Additional Materials Package

If you wish to explore further, you may choose the option of the additional materials. You will then receive a download link to information (pdfs and audio meditations) on the 7 fields of perception (chakras), to support a deeper dive into the chakras and their evolution. This package contains audio meditations to support the chakra to evolve into a unified field.  The price of materials with the oil is discounted by about 35%.

7th Field of Perception Wheel by Almine,  LLC Spiritual Journeys,

8 Alchemical Oils to Clear the 8 Extraordinary Meridians


Experience the power of these 8 alchemical oils, received by Almine, to clear the 8 extraordinary meridians of deep seeded trauma and the eight primary illusions that have kept us trapped in fear, in a matrix of illusion.

The 8 extraordinary meridians, which have been called mysterious, imponderable, miraculous flows, are the channels that are first-cause of our lives, and the deep reservoirs of source. Read more, below, on the importance of clearing and unleashing through them, the power for a miraculous life!
This kit includes the following 8 fragrance oils:

Secret of Nefertiti
Blue Lagoon
Arabian Nights

The protocols to dispel illusions from the eight extraordinary meridians is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

This product (in 3.5 or 18 ml sizes) comes with the 8 FA oils, the manual with powerful alchemical equations, a pdf with sigils to print and place your oils on to keep them pristine, two protocols with the oils (to dispel illusion, and clear abuse from the body**), a short video showing how to apply the oils, and an audio mediation to support trauma clearing.

**This latter protocol also uses the 12 FA oils for the ordinary meridians

Sizes Options:

The FA 8 EM kit may be purchased in sample size (2.5 ml), larger 3.5 ml bottles that have the convenient dropper, and 18 ml size for practitioners and those who use the oils frequently.

The 3.5 ml size is discounted by over 50% (discount of $58), and the 18 ml size kit is discounted by $160 off the price if purchased separately.

The larger size kit comes with an elegant red pouch with the Fragrance Alchemy logo on it ($25 value) and a coupon for $20 off one of the video/audio products to activate the 8 extraordinary meridians.


7-FA Signature Oil Set (3.5 mls and 18 mls sizes)


In this most delightful alchemical oil set of Almine’s newer blends, you receive all 7-Signature FA oils blends.

Oils are:
Lion of Judah, Garden of Eden, Song of the High Heart, Song of the Rose, Song of Joy, Realms of Innocence, and Almine’s newest oil, Secret Garden.

Choose from the the smaller, affordable 3.5 ml sizes, or the larger 18 mls size suitable for avid, daily FA users or for practitioners. Read details about the kit, and what you get in the different sized kits, below

Divinity Quest Guidance and DNA Activation Set


Divinity Quest (the Eskaragots) is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual, This material is based on these teachings.

“Through ages of existence of cycles of life, death and ascension, there are those great lights on earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing that the reality of man is not their own; that a higher reality beckons.” Almine has laid down a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of godhood.

Learn to wield a great tool for guidance and evolution, that evolves all life as you embody and live higher potentials. Divinity Quest and the Eskaragot cards are foundational to understanding and establishing pristine, impeccable living.

This product includes the following:

  • 65 divination cards, each with a message, power sigil and angel. The cards come in a black and gold velveteen bag. (OUT OF PRINT–You will get them on the Rune Mastery Environment App which is a value of USD$79)
  • A process of guidance with the cards that engages alchemy with the Infinite and accelerates clearing and body evolution. Comes with pdfs, wheels, FA protocol and wheels for the oils, and instructions. (More details below).
  • A process for DNA activation, and an exercise for spine opening. Comes with pdfs, wheels, FA protocol, and music elixir by Almine.
  • Live training session on the Divinity Quest app with me.

A kit of 3.5 mls FA oils:

  • Goddess Blend
  • Flower of Saffron
  • Blend of the Gods
  • Song of the High Heart
  • Lotus oil
  • Rose Oil

Note: Oils are $135 sold separately, and $97 when purchased in the product.

If you have the oils, you may purchase the product without them.