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Full 7-Deck Rune Set!


These cards were created with great care to detail, by Dave Reedijk, and Willy and Rina Clarys, ( and are available in English and Dutch.

Features: The cards have Almine’s light elixirs as background, and have the wheels of the Field of Perception on the back, appearing at both ends so that it is not possible to tell whether a card is upside down or right side up.

High Quality

The cards have a gloss finish and rounded corners, and are a high quality product, thanks to Dave’s painstaking attention to detail and determination to excellence. They do not come with pouches. If you have questions, please direct these to

Limited Print Run

Because of the high cost to produce and ship to Canada, I can only carry a limited number of sets.  If you would like to purchase a set, please email me without delay, or you may use the pre-payment button below, to ensure that you receive a set.  As of June 2016, I have another 5 full sets on order–1 of which have already been pre-sold.

When these are sold, the product will me marked sold out until further notice.

Note: All net profits of card sales go directly to Almine

With each set, you will receive a sample size FA oil of Song of the High Heart!

If you would like pouches with the your set, please use that option in the order button.

Shipping cost is included in the price.

Divinity Quest Guidance and DNA Activation Set


Divinity Quest (the Eskaragots) is the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual, This material is based on these teachings.

“Through ages of existence of cycles of life, death and ascension, there are those great lights on earth who have felt the deep anguish of knowing that the reality of man is not their own; that a higher reality beckons.” Almine has laid down a map for the magnificent journey home to the greater reality of godhood.

Learn to wield a great tool for guidance and evolution, that evolves all life as you embody and live higher potentials. Divinity Quest and the Eskaragot cards are foundational to understanding and establishing pristine, impeccable living.

This product includes the following:

  • 65 divination cards, each with a message, power sigil and angel. The cards come in a black and gold velveteen bag. (OUT OF PRINT–You will get them on the Rune Mastery Environment App which is a value of USD$79)
  • A process of guidance with the cards that engages alchemy with the Infinite and accelerates clearing and body evolution. Comes with pdfs, wheels, FA protocol and wheels for the oils, and instructions. (More details below).
  • A process for DNA activation, and an exercise for spine opening. Comes with pdfs, wheels, FA protocol, and music elixir by Almine.
  • Live training session on the Divinity Quest app with me.

A kit of 3.5 mls FA oils:

  • Goddess Blend
  • Flower of Saffron
  • Blend of the Gods
  • Song of the High Heart
  • Lotus oil
  • Rose Oil

Note: Oils are $135 sold separately, and $97 when purchased in the product.

If you have the oils, you may purchase the product without them.