fa_realms_of_innocenceCultivating the art of happiness makes us compelling to the hidden realms, known as the realms of innocence.

I AM Twenty Principles of Happiness (1)

Suggestion 1:

Apply the Realms of Innocence FA oil to the 3rd eye. Enter into meditative state, and run your finger across each sigil and contemplate its meaning. Feel your life anew, expressing each of the qualities of happiness.

Repeat several times per week, until you can bring up the qualities at will, to shift attitude and perspective as needed.

Suggestion 2:

Laminate the pdf sheets and cut into cards. Pick one happiness card each morning as you also apply RoI. For added effect, rub into wrists and ankles. These locations have the acupuncture points known as the Yuan Source points, which activate the primordial Qi pools. You are activating the source qi with the alchemy of the frequency of innocence.