I am very pleased to introduce to you, recent graduates of the Rune Intensive Training Program. Those listed here have been following my programs for some time, have taken the deep dive into exploring the Runes, and are now offering rune sessions with clients. You can contact them directly through the links provided.

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Olivia Profile Pic for site 11.13.15Site – Alchemy of Oneness
Email – [email protected]

Her whole life, Olivia has been passionate about discovering and living in a world where manifestation and healing is effortless – the way she knew in her heart that it should be–without struggle to make a living. Over years, her search for understanding how to achieve the kind the life that she knew was possible became increasingly frustrating as she read book after book, went to seminar after seminar, and nothing worked. When “The Secret” came out, she thought “maybe this is it”, but quickly discovered that it was not – even this most “advanced” of material spoke to her still of the limitations of “polarity”. Her search continued until she came upon a most revelatory site – Inner Mastery Tools by Anita Lucia Briggs. The difference to Olivia, between what Anita offered and the other stuff out there was like night and day – a whole other world, simply incomparable to all that she had studied before!

Olivia latched onto the teachings and profound multi-layered clearings she experienced through Anita’s guidance after a lifetime of searching for this level of depth. Through this work with Anita she was introduce to the work of the great Mystic Almine, and has never looked back, having now discovered her “spiritual home”. Diving deep into the incredible healing modalities of Fragrance Alchemy, Belvaspata and the wisdom of Almine’s incomparable body of work, coupled with the Anita’s vast knowledge and ability to translate the esoteric into practical life, opened the door to what had been so elusive to her up to then. This journey of discovery has led to her to where she is now: on the cutting edge of the miraculous life.

As a Grand Master of Belvaspata and Grand Master of the Runes, Olivia has reached a level of mastering the power of effortless manifestation – exactly how she always knew it could be – as a natural part of life! She is ready to share how it is done, guide you through the processes and help you to understand the unlimited power we all have to create the life of our dreams!

Olivia is wholly engaged in pursuing mastery of Incorruptible White Magic – a refined state of evolution achieved through closing the gap between cause and effect, with utmost consideration for the consequences of every thought and action of all of life. Essentially, this is “ultimate” in the potential power of manifestation, and represents the full overcoming of the dream of being separated from the Source of all existence! It is this life-long journey that she brings to what she offers–the ability to align with the greatest, most wholly and truly benevolent version of ourselves that we can imagine.


Phoebe Surana-Mehit PortraitThe Runes of the Infinite Mother hold a special gift to the keys that unlock our inner most worlds and the bridge used to then access this symbolic language with our outer realities.  Phoebe Surana connects, in reverent appreciation, with the 672 Angel Gods of the Runes to assist in offering these potent alchemical messages. She then applies these messages in a tangible perspective in order to feel deeply into the context of an issue. Through an immense intuitive knowingness, Phoebe also finds which chakra field is of greater significance to the context of an issue or obstacle, allowing blessings for the clearing of old patterns, emotions, and programs that may be hindering one’s unfolding journey. The alchemical messages come in the form of qualities or attitudes that desire to express more deeply and with more substance.

To find out more, follow this link to her sessions.

About Phoebe: Phoebe’s gift of visions and dreaming has cultivated an animation of passionate awakening , and an enthusiasm for detail that brings artistic joy to those who love her. In adoration and jubilance she has reclaimed her divinity, and has chosen to guard and sanctify the ancient secrets of the Goddess. Called to wield the rings of magic, Phoebe assists in ‘unplugging’, ‘opening’, and ‘clearing’ the paths of the sub-conscious, and the secret chambers of inner space. Through this calling she has become a Grand Master of Belvaspata, High Alchemist, and Master of the Runes. Visit her website and gallery at Revelationrealms.com.


100_2303Dhani’s healing abilities activated in 2006, at a Drunvalo workshop.
Before that, she worked as a biochemist in research, and later lived and worked at the Dharma center (north of Toronto) from 2001-2008. Soon after her activation into healing, she found Almine’s material online and started drawing and working with the wheels. With Almine’s help, she got a job in Victoria BC at a ‘brain training’ center, where she worked with Aboriginal people (from Hobbema Alberta). Her client base grew through word of mouth, from the many miracles that she facilitated. She continued to train in Almine’s materials, and included Belvaspata (Grand Master), Huna Qi Vesta and Hakulit (Practitioner), and the Eskaragots divination systems in her healing work.

Dhani has been immersed in Rune study (Grand Master), having been activated in them in early 2014 (dream time), and recently completed the Rune Intensive through which much has opened up. She is now ready to see clients for personal consultations. Dhani is fluent in French, so welcomes French-speaking clients too!

Her Sessions:
Dhani first connects with clients by email, to get a focus on what to work with. She does her sessions in an altered state and allows what needs to happen. About an hour later, she comes back and draws pictures and writes a descriptive summary of what transpired. The client is often unaware of the many things that transpire during this “healing session” but they generally have sensations, emotional release and may even experience visions of angels etc. To arrange for a session, contact Dhani via email: [email protected]