Meet Elyse Hope Killoran

From Anita…I  met Elyse in 2013, and recognized such a genuine desire in the pursuit of highest truth that we had a strong resonance to work from. Through offering several programs together, our collaboration has refined and become fluid and mutually enhancing.  Elyse has a rare quality of perseverance and passion to live what she learns, and an ability to then translate that, so that it is can be widely understood.  Her appreciation of what I’ve brought forth has been an inspiration to me, and she has demonstrated the power of daily use of these alchemical tools through her profound life changes.  Spearheaded by Elyse, we are now developing a whole new platform to bring Almine’s teachings to non-esoteric groups.


About Elyse

Having felt like a misfit from an early age – too curious; too sensitive; too
intense – Elyse found herself repeatedly drawn to the realms of mysticism,
metaphysics and healing. A “tragic” event in 1999 catapulted her beyond
causal reality, and as a result of her profound experience of immersion in
the miraculous, Elyse became obsessed with uncovering an underlying
explanation for her transition so that she could lead others along the same
path. As a result, Elyse became a committed student of every leading-edge
healing modality presented to her and she began sharing a synthesis of
everything she discovered with students from all over the world who were
drawn to her through her web presence. (Over 40,000 people registered
on Elyse’s web site between 2002 and 2014).

After connecting synchronistically with Anita Lucia Briggs in 2013, Elyse was overjoyed to discover that the alchemical tools and processes offered to us through he Seer Almine are of the highest refinement and she began an apprenticeship with Anita which included co-facilitating courses (including “DNA Activation” and “Foundation to the Miraculous Life”) and receiving Almine’s approval to offer a training course in the Divinity Quest Eskaragot Cards (which was originally set to last three months and which continued for an additional six months at the participants’s request.)

Most recently Elyse has devoted herself to the contemplation (and embodiment) of the Alchemy of the Runes. She has completed a formal Rune Mastery Intensive with Anita and received the Rune Master initiation. Elyse is jubilant about sharing the exquisite majesty of these refined alchemical tools with everyone who is moved to, as Almine declares, “fly free through the sun remembering who we are.”

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