Moonlight Garden


Moonlight Garden (Feminine) ~ Boost Life Force and Self-Rejuvenation

This blend is a delightful fresh fragrance that is alchemically enhanced to boost life-force and provide the energy needed for higher consciousness and High Magic. Enhancing the power of intent, it gifts vitality to all in its environment. It is highly recommended as a tool of consciousness.

It works to enhance awareness in the field of Mistel, and assists in purifying emotions, clearing karmic issues in the etheric body, and gaining insight from dreamtime. It can help with clear guidance on what needs to be addressed, what to pursue, and what may need to be let go.


This potent blend helps to clear the illusion of individual choice via a vis Infinite Intent, and restores a sense of indivisiblity as well as appreciation for the artistry of diverse expressions in life. It inspire authenticity This can be enhanced in conjunction with the Papyrus blend. This combination of FA oils is also good when seeking guidance from the runes of the 5th Field of Metaphysics.

Among its many properties is the increased trust in the body’s ability to self-regenerate and self-rejuvenate through the increased life force that it provides. This is the power of the Inner Babe sub-personality that corresponds to the Field of Mistel. Moonlight Garden can be used with Song of the Dove to emphasize the body’s ability to self-regeneration.

It is fragrance that will help us to remember that we are all things and all things are us.” – Almine

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3.5 mls, 18 mls

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