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The Key Role of the Fragrance Alchemy Oils at this Critical Juncture in Evolution

In the recent interview, Awakening from the Dream (May 26th 2018), Almine reveals incredible information on what we are called to do at this time. July 22nd is a crossroads, a point of decision in terms of cosmic evolution.

If we are sufficiently prepared, we will be able to make the leap into a new reality that is beyond all prior cycles that we’ve known. We are creating a fluid vehicle through which we may embody our vastness and express our unique perspective that is our gift to creation.  This next phase will take us into a reality of change by alchemy, where alchemy is  defined as the ‘exploration of potential’.(Almine)  With alchemy, we leverage to higher potentials that are greater than the sum of the  parts, and this supports creation to be ever new and ever greater–it cannot be so by any other means.

We have lived in ever expanding cycles, but they were cycles nonetheless, and so were  matrices. But we have now evolved to the point where we can leave the cycles behind, and fully embrace a self-sovereign existence such that we have alchemical potency like never before. And that is what we are being supported with and aiming for at present.

We are invited to participate in the epic drama of the endless unfoldment of Infinite Expression. We are to become the willing vessels of, and participants in, the profoundly magical manifestation of a majestic and glorious existence.  (from the Book of Runes)

So what does this have to do with Fragrance Alchemy?

Almine has been tirelessly working with the oils to ensure that they have all the tones that we need at this time.  Almine explains in the interview that what has kept us in cycles is that our vehicle of embodiment has been more light-based, and light holds structure.  In order to move beyond the static structure of cycles and into a fluid structure beyond, we are building a frequency chamber…a new vehicle that will support this major change to be able to step out of the reality of past eons of time.  We cannot go to frequency only, as individuation cannot be sustained that way, and  evolution at this stage is about exploring the alchemy of individuated perspectives. We must lay the groundwork for the stages of awakening….for a reality that is more frequency-based, but has fluid structure to support individuation.

Almine explains that this vehicle or chamber is a 4-sided pyramid (base and 3 sides) consisting of the following:

  1. 1- The 558 principles of Pristine humanity
  2. 2- The 441 principles of godhood
  3. 3- The Runes  of the Infinite Mother (soon to be 9 X 96 with full 8th and a new 9th set)
  4. 4- 288 Earth Tones (to be given in an upcoming webinar)

The first 2 alchemical elements are light-based, and the last 2 are frequency-based.

So what will tip the scale into greater frequency, and so greater fluidity to operate outside of static structure?

It is the Fragrance Alchemy oils! 

These oils have been upgraded to hold tones that will tip the scale and cause our vehicle of embodiment to be sufficiently fluid in order that we may leap out of the cycles. Everything is here for us to make the leap.

I invite you to explore them!  New blends I particularly recommend are Song of the Rose (for the 2nd DNA Rose of inner space), Almine’s Secret Garden-2, the new Lily, and of course the Song of the High Heart. As well, the sub-personality blends have been alchemically upgraded by Almine.

But others to work with are the 12 FA oils for the 12 ordinary meridians, to clear the layer of emotional debris that hinders true emotional expression of the awakening feminine,  the 8 extraordinary meridians to clear the illusions that keep static matrices of separation in place, and the sub-personality set to evolve the Inner Family to become a unified field of refined, fluid perspectives.

For the next 2 months as we sync up with this epic leap, I am offering a discount on select products, starting Monday May 28th.  The coupon code is “epicleap”, and it will calculate your cart discount upon checkout. (will be approximately 10% on most orders under $100, and more on larger purchases..some products excluded).   Come back to this post when you wish to purchase, as I will update details after I have it set up.

And may I remind those interested, that the Runes are available in an amazing environment that has all of Almine’s spreads as well as the 8th field and spreads. Visit the Rune Mastery Environment, and explore the options from a FREE limited subscription to basic membership to practitioner version.

And Divinity Quest, that activates the 585 Principles of Pristine humanity is available as an app too! Visit the RME at this link: Divinity Quest for Guidance & Manifestation

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