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Emotional Alchemy in the ‘Nick of Time’

The need to be in emotional equanimity and in our self-sovereign reality, is very necessary at present. In the webinar of March 24, Almine recently discussed how manipulation by frequency will cause new illnesses to emerge that will have no known origin. These originate at subtle dimensions through distorted frequency. The way to circumvent these from having any effect on people is to be in emotional equanimity, where we are impervious at an emotional level, to  outside events and the emotional moods of others around us.

When we react to externals emotionally, we feed the illusion that effects (externals) can be cause of anything in us.  If we allow this, we lose center and are no longer the central expresser of our reality.

Emotional alchemy is so important right  now–truly something to be taken seriously as the necessity for it is ‘in the nick of time’.

Emotional energy is powerfully creative–whether of illusion or the real.

Consider that negative emotions expressed is a leakage of power into lower realities of collective pain.  We choose our reality through perspective, which determines emotions to a large degree.

Rudolf Steiner has stated that whenever something is held back, some deeper faculty develops. When we do not squander our emotional power through  reactive emotions, but rather hold them in a larger safe space, as observer that is curious and open to what we don’t know about the situations, then that emotional power serves to evolve  inner senses.

The 12 ordinary meridians and their organs hold emotions, and when we stop reacting, deeper faculties develop in them that supports their function as ‘wombs’ to incubate the  dreams of manifestation of our true Potential Self.

Holding back from emotional reactivity enables us to remain centered and attune to things behind appearances, layers deep.  The situations dissolve and what you are left with is pure unexpressed potential, which is now your choice to express.  And as you express the potential of the moment, the old reactive habits lose their power over you, and you attune to a higher order of life.   Those inner senses are how we evolve a rich inner infrastructure for profoundly nuanced emotions to express a new reality of beauty, potency and flourishment.

In the feminine reality,  the feminine aspect is pro-active through emotional expression. This pure creative power unleashes as we master emotional equanimity. Our emotional expression is then the spontaneous response to what is stirring within as inspiration and depth of appreciation.

Two things happen when we are in emotional equanimity:

  1. We become impervious to subversive and  controlling frequencies that are active presently, and immune to the lower reality of life in opposition. We become self-determined and much more able to manifest a chosen reality, deliberately.
  2. Deeper faculties evolve–the inner senses and other mystical body centers.  Emotions are so powerful, that when transmuted to higher expression, activate new powers within.  The false layer of emotionality dissolves (known as the ‘fake feminine’) and the true feminine is freed to express. The pro-active true feminine expresses in richly layered emotions that create new realities.

Beyond emotionality and being at the mercy of the moods and manipulations of things external to us…beyond  emotional  reaction…is  true emotional expression to be found, that is a spontaneous up-welling from inspiration and passion, from appreciative recognition and  ignition of new potentials. Unpremeditated manifestation of a flourishing life is the result.

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Emotional Alchemy Exploration

Together with colleague Elyse Killoran, we presented the first program of emotional alchemy in 2017.  The depth that has opened up through cosmic shifts has now made it possible for this work to land much more deeply than ever before. Stay tuned for many new developments in 2018!  Visit the True Self Alchemy website and sign up for announcements to stay in touch!

We are also exploring the big them of Manifesting in the New Reality in Adventures in Boundlessness! Check it out here: AdventuresinBoundlessness

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