Fragrance Alchemy is the original work of Almine,

The 12 Ordinary + 8 Extraordinary Meridians ~ A Unified Field of Boundless Evolutionary Capacity

boat on riverThe 12 Ordinary Meridians (abbreviated OMs) are the rivers of our life that we journey upon. Nothing manifests in our life that does not match the flow through the meridian system.  So when they are blocked or in disharmony, so is our life.

The ordinary meridians hold the emotional debris and unresolved karma (the stories we believe..the memories we feed) of our lifetimes, until we clear them by dissolving the illusions and reclaiming our innocence–returning to wholeness.

They have been described as “rivers of filth” due to the polluting emotions and memories that bind up to lower reality.(1) These meridians have acted as ‘gatekeepers of the matrix’, binding us to illusion through polluting memories that take us out of the present moment. When we bring up emotional debris in the present, present becomes past and past becomes the future. We then go round and round in stagnant rivers, revisiting unresolved issues over and over again with different players in different situations. Life is then predictable, repetitive, and mediocre.

When the 12 OMs are blocked by emotions, then the 8 extraordinary meridians are inactive, and we are unable to refine our experience of life and unable to  support our dreams–we are then locked into the cycles of linear change in a life of struggle and disappointment, where access to supply is limited. In effect, we are like a cut flower out of water that just keeps losing vital life force.

The 8 extraordinary meridians (abbreviated EMs) affect the 12 OMs, and not the other way around. The 8 EMs are the creators of the 12 OMs–in fact they are the creative impulses of all life forms. Every life form has extraordinary meridians in some form or another. Yet, when the 12 OMs are blocked by emotions, then the 8 EMs are essentially inactive, and we are unable to refine our experience of life and to manifest our dreams, as we get locked into the repetitive cycles of linear change in a life of struggle and disappointment.

By ‘inactive’ is meant that the EMs operate to keep the body alive, but are not functioning at their evolutionary capacity, which is to keep evolving the body, enhancing its capacities, and catalyzing ever greater expression through the endlessness or our DNA. It is no wonder that they have been referred to by the original Chinese founders of ACM as the imponderable, unfathomable, curious, miraculous and extraordinary strangeflows.

There is another thing that keeps these extraordinary powers from truly activating, and that is 8 primary illusions related to 8 primary fears that keep us from knowing ourselves as much vaster and much more powerful than we have experienced thus far. The Fragrance Alchemy set for the Extraordinary Meridians supports the dissolution of these illusions, so that the EMs can be kick-started into their higher evolutionary role.

So there are are 2 steps to embarking on the path of full evolutionary capacity at present:

  1. Clearing the emotional debris in the 12 Ordinary Meridians
  2. Dispelling the 8 primary illusions in the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

Animated_Waterfall_1When the 12 OMs clear of debris, and the 8 extraordinaries activate, the 8 EMs, as reservoirs of Source, can flow into the 12 OMs, perpetual resources in the form of all power, all knowing, all resources, and endless resourcefulness. A life of grace results.

We are just now able to live from the meridian system operating as a unified field of higher intelligence. Understanding how to activate the higher powers of the meridians takes us into manifestation beyond the law of compensation, into the laws of alchemical change and perpetual generativity.  I have developed in-depth programs to clear and activate the meridians. Visit the AdventuresinBoundlessness store to explore option.

Each negative emotion points to trapped resources–like money in a lost bank account–that feeds an illusory sub-creation that is not our highest choice to be in. Getting out of this pit of mediocrity and meaninglessness is what the meridian programs are designed to support. The astonishing revelation that will dawn on those who plunge into the meridian clearing work, is that negative emotions, and even positive ones based on externals for that matter, are unreal….they do not serve us and must be dissolved, along with their stories, like mist in the illuminating rays of the sun. The power of true emotion beyond the ones that can be manipulated by externals is nothing short of staggering! True emotional expression can set off seismic waves that ripple through our lives, pivoting our reality effortlessly into higher and higher orders. Manifesting from true emotions that arise on inspiration from non-cognitive depth, is effortless and magical.

We stand at this crossroads, and the sand castles built from fake emotions as well as the illusory stories we’ve lived are all destructuring. And we have crystal clarity on how to make the leap into the evolutionary potentials that will move us beyond mind control, limitation, and the artificial reality we are experiencing presently. That is what the meridian work and other supporting programs are all about. We are learning a new way of being from a totally new operating system, so to speak, and a brand new way of manifesting with alchemical potency that ignites all involved and changes life in tandem.

The 12 Ordinary Meridians

Each meridian operates on four levels of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These levels represent the four directions (South, West, East, North) as well as four aspects of the psyche (Inner Nurturer, Inner Child, Inner Sage, and Inner Warrior). Depending on how a meridian may be blocked, emotional distortion will be experienced in specific ways.

The four directions are expressed within each meridian, as each meridian produces four different perspectives that appear as an emphasis in each person’s life—when blocked, these express as specific emotional distortion.

12 OM sigil emo sheet

For example, a blocked Lung meridian, which deals with expression, produces for main distorted emotions: grief, intolerance, frustration and bitterness. A blockage in the lung meridian would produce grief for one person and intolerance in another person, and so forth. When the origin of dysfunction is physical or through the Inner Nurturer, grief may predominate; whereas if the dysfunction is from the emotional level or the needy Inner Child, then intolerance would be expressed. Similarly, when the Inner Sage is the origin of the blockage in the lung, the main emotional charge would be frustration, and if the Inner Warrior is suppressed, then bitterness would result.

To make this more understandable, a person would be bitter over apparent injustice in life, feeling controlled and unable to express, for example, when they have not awoken the power of their Inner Warrior aspect of the psyche, to guard boundaries of self-sovereignty and express these needs. The perspective that each person adopts is based on the emphases of the qualities of a specific direction in his or her life.

So each meridian has four main emotions, and together, the ordinary meridian system has 48 main emotional distortions that have trapped precious resources. In Chinese teachings,

Meridian blockage = Pain
Prolonged pain => Disease

Esoterically, meridian blockage is feeding a sub-creation where resources keep dwindling, and aging and death are inevitable. Clearing the emotions and unleashing the gems of power that were trapped in the density vitalizes body and life, and as the flows of Source (8 EMs) kick in, we move along a path of upward body evolution. The first step is to break the spell of false emotions, and find true emotional expression from all the hidden gems within our DNA.

Fragrance Alchemy and Support to Clear and Evolve the Meridians

There are 12 Fragrance Alchemy oils for the 12 Ordinary Meridians, and 8 oils for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians. While Fragrance Alchemy impacts the wearer no matter what their level of consciousness, there is an ideal order in which to use this unique modality. The general recommendation is to start clearing the emotional debris in the 12 Ordinary Meridians, then at some point also add the clearing of the illusions that block the 8 Extraordinary Meridians. The FA oils have infinite power, and they will activate in deeper ways as consciousness expands.

What is truly remarkable is that when you wear FA oils, they affect people in your environment as well. As you use them for awhile, you may connect to them intuitively, and sense which ones you need on a particular day. You can also apply all 12 and even all 20 oils and not be be conspicuous, yet at other times you will smell an oil that you put on the previous day. The FA oils work with live angelic consciousness, unlike traditional essential oils, and so the miraculous is the expectation. You may read about the FA oils in general on the page What is Fragrance Alchemy and How does it Work?

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