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Alchemical Oils for the 12 Ordinary and 8 Extraordinary Meridians

The Alchemical Oils of the 12 Ordinary Meridians

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Neroli: The poetry of this poignant fragrance lingers like a promise in the air, releasing grief and intolerance. Neroli delivers deep comfort and optimism.

Jasmine brings intensity to sensual experience. It heightens awareness of the pleasures of life and restores emotional well-being.

Sandalwood’s clean, fresh scent is uplifting to the spirit and elevates the mood. It assists in releasing the hold of the past and instills hope. It could be beneficial in creating optimism and self-confidence.

Goddess Blend Like a golden thread through the tapestry of time, legends have told of the ultimate feminine. Inspired by these ancient tales of a Goddess among men, this evocative fragrance was created to stir hearts and delight the senses.

The Goddess Blend is a powerful tool to activate the interpretive centers in the spinal cord that allows us to interpret the inner senses as they combine in an integrated way of perceiving a world with the outer senses. This is a culmination of life in the matrix as the inner and outer realities blend into one.

Although the scent is feminine, it will activate masculine codes as well. An exquisite blend of properties for balancing and enhancing all feminine qualities to bring them into dynamic balance at this crucial time.

Rose ~ This rose oil has a frequency that reminds us of Oneness, heals birth and birthing trauma, and restores the intuitive nature of the womb. It is a blend of Bulgarian and Egyptian absolute rose essence.

Lotus ~ This fragrance creates a very profound awakening in the hidden centers of the body, specifically the pineal and the high-heart. It creates a field of golden light around the body.

Flower of Saffron brings depth of intuition and spirituality, and delivers deep peace and contentment. This oil is stimulating to the functions of the organs. It is also a powerful oil that enhances ritual.

Narcissus: Can be called the fragrance of the moon, emphasizing the feminine mystery. It awakens the intuitive nature of the feminine reproductive system and communication with the hidden realms.

Henna flower beloved by women and enjoyed by men, this powerful and sacred oil brings back memories of the pristine state in which we dwelled before the fall into duality. Envelop yourself in the bliss of this exquisite fragrant oil and the heightened states of consciousness it evokes.

Blend of the Gods: The primary ingredient in this unsurpassed blend, is Oud oil of the highest quality obtained from Agar trees, found only in a few places on earth. Its rarity and excellence has earned it the name of ‘The Oil of Kings’. Its refined properties stimulate the production and release of hormones that promote longevity, personal power and magnetism, and the evolved expression of masculine balance.

Patchouli is very grounding for the male tendency of over- emphasis of the electrical (mind, reason and intellect). It helps silence the dialogue of the mind so that spiritual mastery can be accomplished. Promotes deep meditation and expansiveness.

Gardenia brings the confidence in the strength of the feminine. It promotes grace and self-sovereignty.

The Alchemical Oils of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians ~ The Unfathomable Flows of First Cause

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There are 8 extraordinary meridians that are the deeper flows of ’cause’. We clarify and quicken these through the practice of higher perspectives. As we do this, we clear the layers of Akasha that have us bound to lower levels of reality, and to the cycles of linear change that we must now transcend completely. The oils of the extraordinary meridians are:

Lily: creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensual experience

Secret of Nefertiti : Enhances the poetic perspective and romance of life. It refines sensual experience and stimulates sexuality, as does Lotus.

Magnolia: heals issues of mothering, either the inclination to mother others, or neediness caused by insufficient parenting during childhood. Magnolia brings deep contentment and feelings of wholeness.

Blue Lagoon: This delightful blend of vanilla flowers, corn flowers and other blossoms, brings the lightening of the moods by helping to stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain. It instills optimism, hope and lightness of being, while releasing tension caused by old cellular memory. This romantic fragrance inspires the song of the heart.

Luxor: This fragrance of deep sensuality heightens sensory experience by increasing sensitivity of awareness. Its rich blend of fragrant notes complement the expression of masculine virility and appeal. This oil awakens the rising of kundalini.

Hathor: Promotes inner masculine strength and self-confidence. Creates belief in the ability to achieve.

Papyrus: Restores the love of adventure within life and awakens the full functioning of sexuality

Arabian Nights: This fragrance is deeply sensual and awakens the self-knowing of male potency. It has aphrodisiac qualities.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every person–whether female or male–has the full masculine and feminine sexual organs. A male has an ‘etheric womb’ to gestate the seeds of divinity, just as a female has an ‘etheric prostate’ as the seat of impeccable power that can lead to instant manifestation. The oils support the awakening of full feminine and masculine powers, which will support androgenous expression and the alchemical marriage of the masculine and feminine within (fusion of spine and pranic tube).

To have a printable version of the oils carried in FA and their properties, you may print this file:

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