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Earth Angels


The Earth has been given nine Guardian Angels to guard her and her children during the times of transition and environmental challenges. The alchemy of the oil created to celebrate this event has been designed to facilitate communication and requests for their assistance.

How to use the alchemical oil: Place a few drops in the navel, Sign the angelic sigil in the air in front of you while calling the relevant Angel by name. State your request clearly and thank them for their assistance.

Oil comes with the 9 angel sigils and names.

Eternal Mind


The incorruptible Eternal Mind of humanity is born of an eternal perspective. It is the result of the evolution of the mental plane of all humankind and the solution to achieving peace on Earth. The alchemy in this phenomenal oil facilitates a shift in perspective that allows you to see your daily life from an empowered position of one living in Eternal time.

How to use the alchemical oil: Place a small amount of this precious oil just below the hairline, in the middle, and at the back of the neck.

Field of Hope Oil


The complex and layered fragrance is both heavenly and earthy. It imparts a feeling of warmth and freshness at the same time, imparting confidence to walk in self-sovereign pristeneness. The blend is instantly elevating to one’s mood.

The beautiful blend enhances the wearer’s ability to tune into the perfection behind appearances, to spread moments of joy into lasting states of happiness, to tap into the poetic song of Eternity and cooperate with it through holding visions sublime, and to feel the pregnant field that forms as new potential arise from the hope in Heart.

Worn on inner wrists and elbows, this oil reminds us that expressing and receiving are one, and our willing engagement with life is what brings deep fulfilment and even greater hope for what is to come.

The Field of Hope Oil comes in 4 sizes: 3.5 mls, 5 mls rose quartz roller top bottle, 10 mls rose quartz roller top bottle, or the 18 mls bottle.

Add $15 for the materials:

  • The 16 Principles of Hope (by Almine), to inspire the cultivation of a Field of Hope.
  • A video with the 16 Principles of Hope
  • A spread on the Rune Mastery App, to cultivate Hope, and access to the random spread pick from the 16 Principles for a month

The Sub-personality Oils of the The Front-to-Back Axis


The set of alchemical oils activates the sub-personalities of the neutral pole, the front to back axis, completing the sub-personalities of the evolved psyche. These four aspects of being help to manifest life outside of the atomic grid and known paradigm of man.

This set contains the following four oils:

  • Blue Nile – The Survivor
  • The Peaceful Warrior – The Administrator
  • The Blue Rose – The Shaman
  • The Knight of Jericho – The Disruptor

Magic Rose Fairy


Very delighted to be carrying the new blend, the Magic Rose Fairy, created by the Seer to restore the Magic in our Hearts and the Lightness of Glad Expectations in our steps through eternity. The fragrance is evocative of visions sublime, and deep peace and faith….

The message of the seer at this time of destructuring being experienced on earth:

It is essential that the great light-bearers of the planet keep their faith in the perfection of unfolding life, and illuminate this time of despair with their Ray of Hope.

The Ray of Hope is the gift of the Gods to humanity. It is born of the Eternal Perspective of the Ancient Ones and the understanding that this too shall pass, and the memory of it be as a mere freckle on the face of time.

This blend was given to me in the night during the magic time between awakening and dreaming, by an exquisite little creature, who left her fragrance behind on my pillow after she left. May it restore your Joy and Gladden your Hearts, my beloved light family.

With Love and Gratitude, Almine

Recommended Application:  A small amount can be placed behind the knee joints. This signifies flexibility and optimism as you move forward through your eternal existence. Of course you can also wear on pulse points for its exquisite fragrance too.

Desert Moon


Designed as an expression of the sensitive masculine qualities of a man who dreams and creates his future with confidence in his abilities to achieve his vision. Strength and sensitivity combine in this fragrance that has deep powerful notes, with subtle overtones.

Fairy Crossing


This delightful fragrance oil  blend with its light-hearted ambience,  instills hopefulness, and inspires the ability to see the magic in life. It’s playful and innocent notes awaken peace and contentment.

Blended especially as a signature fragrance to celebrate the timeless attraction of the young at heart.


The Alchemist’s Oracle


This oil with its deep and multilayered nuances can be used by men and women. Its purpose is to awaken the abilities in the body that receive subtle information. It also has been alchemically designed to facilitate the ability of Rune Masters to manifest this subtle guidance through the language of the Runes.

Apply on the point between the eyebrows, but one finger width higher

Birth of Majesty


The Birth of Majesty fragrance oil has been alchemically enhanced to alleviate the transitions experienced as an individual evolves into a multi-dimensional being — a time that can be challenging and bewildering. This blend has been specifically created to assist with night terrors, feelings of disorientation and abandonment as well as depression and lack of self-confidence arising from the loss of familiar reference points. The lack of mental clarity that accompanies the evolutionary shifts is also assisted by the use of this spectacular blend.

The oil assists in easing the discomfort of giving up static or sequential reference points of a life in limitation, so that we can embrace the fluid reference points of inspiration that are ever changing on a never ending, eternal adventure of self-discovery.

The location to apply it is on the right wrist. (See below)

The Eternal Song


A new blend received by Almine! This very timely alchemical oil fills out the missing tones in the Voice, so we speak ourselves into greater emergence and purity.

This refined and pleasing oil, is designed to activate the self-healing capabilities in the voice center. Injury to the mind. body and soul comes from missing tones in the voice. Restoring them, restores the voice function of sound healing and strokes the body into self-regenerating.”  Apply to any pulse points such as the wrists–of course around the neck near throat or on it too.

The Voice is the confluence point where intent, tone, and life force meet to reveal a higher reality and manifest into it.  This oil activates the mystical center at the Throat that activates when the speech is impeccable and without hidden agenda.  Read more details below.

Alchemical Oil Trio for Establishing Self-Sovereignty


This protocol involves 3 alchemical oils–each specific to stopping the leaking of resources to a lower reality of collective programming.

Specifically, the protocol supports a person to leave the lower human paradigm of a collective, programmed reality, in order to awaken in the real…and be able to manifest a ‘real’ environment or a higher order.

You can read more about the details on how the oils work on the block post, linked to below.

Alchemical oil blends are:

Flight of the Falcon – aligns the 3 centers of Head, Heart, Gut and heals the nervous and alarm systems–opening a person to the true reality of heaven on earth.

Forever New – plugs up a major leak in our auric field, and stimulates the brain stem in support of cellular renewal (erasing stories of the past)

Sacred Space – clears and combats the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with, which cause holes in our fields that result in illness, emotional manipulation, and mind control.

Price for the kit is about 12% below purchasing individually.

Eternal Love


Eternal Love is the quintessential fragrance of the feminine spirit. It embodies the deep under-currents of the love of a mother; the cherishing embrace in the arms of the Nurturer and Mother.