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“Freckles”~ FA Oil for Young Girls


Freckles ~ A fragrance for young girls, a delicate floral blend
Especially formulated to promote self-esteem in girls, this fragrant alchemical Egyptian oil blend was envisioned by Almine in the early months of her recovery.

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Papyrus ~   subtle and serene, this oil is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon, with rich earthy notes reminiscent of a deep forest.

The exotic Papyrus blend restores the love of adventure within life and awakens the full functioning of sexuality.

It is one of the oils used to dispel illusion from the 8 extraordinary meridians–particularly the illusion of individual choice versus Infinite Intent. We resolve that polarity through inspired, authentic expression. Inspiration comes from our connection to Source within, and authenticity brings our unique perspective into the mix.  When we live by inspired authenticity, the stirrings of the senses act as heralds of things to come.

While a masculine scent, Papyrus is a potent blend to activate these qualities of masculine expression in women too.  We express both masculine and feminine in order to be balanced and in wholeness.

Queen of the Nile ~ FA Oil (feminine blend)


Queen of the Nile promotes the fluidity of mastery, releasing the bondage of belief systems. It encourages spontaneous authenticity and confidence of expression. It may be beneficial for releasing strictures in joints and ligaments.
This very powerful blend has a distinct 'powdery' scent.
Purchases of 18 or 33 mls come with a protocol for the 13 joints. (Note: Another FA oil recommended for the joints is Lotus oil).

Secret of the Desert ~ FA Oil (feminine blend)


Secret of the Desert is grounding for women who are inclined to live outside their bodies, or who suppress their feminine in favor of masculine expression. It creates a feeling of safe feminine expression.
Purchases of 18 or 33 mls come with a video meditation, to support with the activation of the goddess archetypes through the 12 ordinary meridians, assisting in fuller expression of all aspects of feminine expression (downloadable). Also included are suggestions for application, based on acupuncture theory.
For benefits and suggested application, see below.

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The earthy-warm, mildly sweet, slightly spicy precious wood notes of the legendary Sandalwood oil, present a melodic blend that is distinct, unique, yet not overpowering.

Even with its warmth, this alchemical blend has a fresh scent that is uplifting to the spirit and elevates the mood. It assists in releasing the hold of the past and instills hope. It can be beneficial in creating optimism and self-confidence.

Sandalwood oil is used in the protocols to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–-it clears  the Stomach  (St) meridian, dissolving the negative emotions of the St: disgust, greed, shame, and blame.  As we release these judging emotions, we free ourselves to become authentic as we emancipate from programs of acceptability.  To read more about its properties and application locations, see below.

It is an oil with a rich sacred tradition, said to be one of the most pleasing to the gods, and so is used in meditation and setting sacred space.

While it is classified a masculine blend because of its earthy notes, it works equally for both genders, and the fragrance is loved by both men and women.

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency.

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Jasmine Oil


Jasmine Oil – Jasmine oil is extracted from the flowers, and has a strong and distinct scent, which is common in flowers that bloom only at night. The jasmine flower is associated with the mystery of poetry of romance.

This alchemical oil brings intensity to sensual experience. It heightens awareness of the pleasures of life and restores emotional well-being. While it is classified as a feminine scent because of its floral notes, it works for both genders because of its richness and warmth.

Awakening to the sensual aspect of life is a key element needed to truly enjoy the journey through life. Too long have the senses been trapped in painful misunderstandings, causing them to distort and edit experience. When we cultivate enjoyment through all the sensory modalities, our appreciation of life increases and so too do the blessings that we open ourselves to.

The alchemical jasmine oil is used in the protocols to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–-it clears the Large Intestine (LI) meridian, dissolving the negative emotions of the LI: guilt, disappointment, remorse, and opposition to change. When we release resistance to change and let go of what is obsolete, we become receptive to the new…the blessings that life wishes to bestow upon us, which further enhances our enjoyment of life. To read more about its properties and application locations, see below.

Jasmine oil is traditionally known for its antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, and sedative properties that help with insomnia. It is known to deeply relax and can be used for meditation.

Note: While the FA oils can be used aromatherapeutically with all the usual cautions (test on skin, and follow contraindications with pregnancy and other conditions), these oils are alchemical and beyond emotional clearing, their powers to evolve the body are infinite. Jasmine oil is particularly strong and should be tested on skin (and needs to be wiped off immediately if spilled on furniture).

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency.

Narcissus Oil


Narcissus can be called the fragrance of the moon, emphasizing the feminine mystery. The alchemical oil awakens the intuitive nature of the feminine reproductive system and communication with the hidden realms.

The fragrance is both delicate and rich, sweet and floral. While it is a feminine fragrance, it is used by men for its properties, as men also have feminine organs at the etheric level.  The sexual organs are mystical centers with great powers for manifestation. The sexual center’s intuitive capabilities far exceed the power of the pineal gland, and through it we may remember what we are becoming. That is a big leap on our evolutionary journey, where we express from what we are becoming and no longer from what we think we have been.

This ties in to the alchemical powers of narcissus oil that is used in the protocols to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–-it clears the Kidney (Ki) meridian that includes the sexual organs.  More details on this, below. The emotional clearing supported by Narcissus targets the four main emotions of the blocked Kidney channel, which are:  fear, indecision, loss, victimization/sense of injustice.

The Kidney’s other positive psycho-emotional attributes are wisdom, gentleness, clear perception and thinking, maturity, centeredness, core strength and quiet confidence, self-examination, and self-understanding.

Narcissus is traditionally used reduce pain and provide relaxation. It is used with anxiety, mental exhaustion, and stress, because of its ability to calm the nerves. It is also used as an aphrodisiac.

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency. With purchases of the 18 or 33 mls sizes, you receive a pdf with more detailed information on kidney meridian and use of narcissus oil.



Gardenia oil has a rich and sensual floral scent.  This alchemically fine-tuned Gardenia brings the confidence in the strength of the feminine. It promotes grace and self-sovereignty.

The sensual scent of gardenia essential oil is believed to have aphrodisiac qualities and is used to improve low sex drive.   Gardenia oil has many uses, and is traditionally used in cases of poor  digestion, colds, flu, inflammatory conditions, chronic pain, and a weak immune system. It is known to reduce stress, improve depressive states, help with poor circulation, and heal and rejuvenate the skin.

This alchemical blend clears and activates the Liver meridian–clearing protectiveness, anger, phobias, and obsessiveness, and promotes surrender, finding home within, ability to hold a vision, and embrace one’s vastness. Applied to Liver acupuncture points for maximum effect at clearing emotions. Also used to activate the 6th chakra (3rd eye). Read details below.

Note: While the FA oils can be used aromatherapeutically with all the usual cautions (test on skin, and follow contraindications with pregnancy and other conditions), these oils are alchemical and beyond emotional clearing, their powers to evolve the body are infinite.

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency.



Regal as the splendor of the Pharaohs, Hathor oil is for the bold and self-assured man.  It promotes inner masculine strength and self-confidence to achieve beyond past successes for both genders.

Hathor helps to awaken the sense of adventure through self-belief that is undaunted no matter how big the challenge. It brings the masculine potency to our actions that are unconcerned with outcome and more attuned to direction and what qualities can awaken from those choices. The beautiful achemical oil activates one of the 8 extraordinary meridian that opens us to powerful ‘flows of abundance’ through deeper grounding in the body and in the details of life. You may read more details on this, below.

Note: These potent alchemical oils  enhance on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) in profound ways, for both the wearer and those who are in their midst, and their exquisite scents are often experienced as other-worldly… heavenly..alluring and enticing.



Lily – A fragrance of dignity and grace, Lily serenely represents the inner strength of the feminine. This alchemical blend creates refinement of enjoyment and depth of sensual experience, which supports graceful manifestation of the dreams of the heart.

Lily oil is known to relieve mental stress, and is used for depression, sadness, and  lethargy. It imparts a feeling of security and soothes heavy emotions. It is thought that regular use of lily oil strengthens brain cells and improves the cognitive processes of brain, and so the oil is also used for cognitive disorders in aging.

The alchemical Lily oil is calibrated to activate the heart chakra and open us to acknowledging the self in the beauty and innocence of life around us. It also clears illusion from and activates one of the 8 extraordinary meridians, opening us to greater expression and uptake of potentials that are open to us. (Read more about all this below).

Desert Moon


Designed as an expression of the sensitive masculine qualities of a man who dreams and creates his future with confidence in his abilities to achieve his vision. Strength and sensitivity combine in this fragrance that has deep powerful notes, with subtle overtones.

Goddess Blend


Goddess BlendLike a golden thread through the tapestry of time, legends have told of the ultimate feminine. Inspired by these ancient tales of a Goddess among men, this evocative fragrance was created to stir hearts and delight the senses. 

This beautiful oil is blended from floral fragrances that represent the ultimate in feminine allure and beauty. Its alchemical properties  helps to instill optimism and self-worth, and balances the mood with even-temperedness . It creates an inner stability and heightened consciousness, which brings poise and confidence to the wearer.

Goddess blend activates the feminine DNA codes, and is also the alchemical oil for the root chakra as well for the clearing and activation of the Spleen meridian and organ, and may be used in many ways to enhance different effects. Read more on the power of this FA oil, below.

A booklet with FA protocols for the Goddess Blend  is included at no charge, with the purchase of 18 mls or 33 mls. You may purchase the booklet on its own as well.