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Henna Flower Oil


Henna Flower Oil – Beloved by women and enjoyed by men, this powerful and sacred oil brings back memories of the pristine state in which we dwelled before the fall into duality. Envelop yourself in the bliss of this exquisite fragrant oil and the heightened states of consciousness it evokes.

The alchemical Henna Flower is used in the protocols to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–clears and activates the Pericardium (Heart Protector) meridian. It helps to clear emotions from emotional injury, addiction , jealousy, and regret, and promotes emotional maturity, finding fullness within, and courage and willingness to become our highest version of self and choose a higher reality. To read more about its properties and application locations for optimal effect, see below.

Henna Flower oil is traditionally known for its  sedative properties that helps clear and  calm mind, body, and soul, allowing for fresh perspective when stressed, upset, or in confusion.  It can provide a boost with mental fatigue by its clearing effect. It is used as an antidepressant as well as for headache and to improve sleep in aromotherapy. It has other effects to soothe skin and scalp, and has many other properties that can be explored.

Note: While the FA oils can be used aromatherapeutically with all the usual cautions (test on skin, and follow contraindications with pregnancy and other conditions), these oils are alchemical and beyond emotional clearing, their powers to evolve the body are infinite.

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency.

Rose oil


This rose oil is a carefully selected blend of Bulgarian and Egyptian absolute rose essences. It has a frequency that reminds us of Oneness–of our origins before the Fall into separation. This blend has the power to heals birth and birthing trauma, and to restore the intuitive nature of the womb. It is said that the womb (etheric womb in men) far surpasses the intuitive capacities compared to the pineal gland, and this oil can unlock this power in the wearer.

Rose oil is known as the oil of “Divine Presence”. According to old Persian lore, Rose is the only thing you can take with you when you die because it considered not of this world.

Its psycho-emotional benefits are many. It is used to relieve stress, to lift depression, clear anxiety, and is the choice oil for use during times of grief. It is also used as a mood enhancer, boosting feelings of joy, happiness, and hope.

Rose oil is used in a protocol to heal birth trauma (received by Almine), and in the Fragrance Alchemy (FA) protocol to 12 clear the ordinary meridians–it associates with the Heart meridian, helping to clear joylessness, anger, self-pity and neediness. To read more about its properties and application locations, see below.

Comes with a sigil to keep the oil at optimal frequency. With the purchase of this oil in 18 mls or 33 mls, you receive the protocol to heal birth trauma and a pdf with information on the heart meridian and its many important points.

Blues Skies ~ Oil of the Inner Child


Alchemical Oil  For Healing and Activation of the Inner Child

Blue Skies is a dynamic blend that dissolves old emotional baggage, allowing for the spontaneity of expression of the masculine and confidence in the feminine’s strength.  The blend promotes trust in spontaneity and the innocence of timelessness.

One of 8 new blends to bring profound healing to the inner family of sub-personalities, and establish harmonious interaction within so that all inner battles cease, and we operate from wholeness and deep self-love. 

The balanced Inner Child (IC) brings the ability to dream the impossible beyond limitation, which dissolves the tyranny of logical mind that believes in  past limitations,  and attunes us to a reality of of profound interconnectedness and all-possibilities. The permeating presence of the IC that trusts life and engages in jubilant expression is key to unlocking the powers of magic within us. 

The healed IC brings unique core powers to live from the fullness of the present moment, in timelessness and wonderment.

Blues Skies is available in 3.5 ml, 18 ml or 33 ml  sizes. 

With your purchase of Blue Skies, you receive

  • a pdf with a description of the Inner Child,  affirmations for healing the Inner Child, and suggested applications for the Blue Skies blend
  • a brainwave entrainment audio to the deep delta state where healing of the Inner Child level is best done
  • a sample of the FA Blend, Coming Home to the Self

FA Kit to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians

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Experience the power of 12 alchemical oils received by Almine, to clear the 12 ordinary meridians of debris from false emotions and painful memory that keep us bound in repetitive cycles and under the forces of decay.

These alchemical oils have the power to dissolve memory and trapped emotions from the meridians, when used regularly. And they cause instantaneous shifts to emotional states.

This product comes with the FA oils, the basic manual, and some additional support material (more extensive materials sold separately for $37). For more details, see below.

Sizes Options:

FA 12 OM kit may be purchased in sample size (2 mls), larger 3.5 bottles that have the convenient dropper, and 18 ml size for practitioners and those who use the oils frequently.

The 18 ml size kit is discounted by $240 (over 40%) off the price if purchased separately. Comes with an elegant red pouch with the Fragrance Alchemy logo on it. Also comes with the full support materials for the basic kit.

Blend of the Gods (Agarwood)


The primary ingredient in this unsurpassed blend, is Oud oil of the highest quality obtained from Augar trees, found only in a few places on earth. Its rarity and excellence has earned it the name of ‘The Oil of Kings’, and in the Middle East it is called ‘The Oil of the Sultans’. Blend of the Gods refined properties stimulate the production and release of hormones that promote longevity, personal power and magnetism, and the evolved expression of masculine balance.

Blend of the Gods helps activate the masculine creational codes in the Lion’s Gate (pineal gland) when worn on the Crown. It is a very rich and potent blend that is sure to become a favorite for men. (Though women love to wear it too!)

Blend of the Gods is used in the Fragrance Alchemy (FA) protocol to clear the 12 ordinary meridians–it associates with the Thyroid meridian (also known as the Triple Heater) (fire element), helping to clear its distorted emotions of hopelessness, depression, despair, and suicidal thought.

Thyroid meridian (TH) balance is key to health, and to our ability to evolve the meridian system as a unified, cooperative field. You will also receive exercises to support TH balance with the purchase of this oil.

There are other uses for this exotic oil that you will learn about in the booklet that comes with the oil. You can also read more on this oil and its properties, below.