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Attitudes to live to activate the 671st an 672nd Acupuncture Points of Resurrection

The Heart has been described as the center of manifestation. In Chinese Medicine it is the regent of the body and the psyche–when the Heart is at peace, the entire kingdom is harmonious.

The surrendered heart is the heart that has resolved all neediness and is open and intimate with life. It is in a state of innocence because it needs nothing outside of the present moment,–innocence is the commanding power that dissolves illusion and reorders life according to our aligned intent.   The power of regency over all life comes from wisdom-imbued innocence that results in harmlessness. When we are harmless to life, we manifest a reality that is a safe haven,–for ourselves and all in our reality–because we are respectful, reverent, and self-supportive and so our environment is too.

The surrendered heart opens us to merging with the true feminine. At the latest silent retreat (December 2017), Almine gave us the new attitudes to align deeply in the feminine cosmos through which we journey in the stages of Awakening. These are:

  • Reverence,
  • Self-Regard,
  • Innocence, and
  • Intimacy (the intimacy of an open heart)

These correspond to Praise, Love, Gratitude, and Surrendered Trust of the masculine cosmos.

We further explored a higher activation of the two terminals of the meridians, namely the 671st adn 672nd acupuncture points, which supports a unified field of the Heart and Solar Plexus.  These two points found by Almine and said to be ‘lost to acupuncture’  are major ones in the meridian system that enable the merging of masculine and feminine–the merging of the 12 ordinary meridians with the 8 extraordinary meridians into a unified field, such that we live in integrated oneness and cooperative harmony of the poles.

As we known, the 671st point activates from deep enjoyment of life and embracing our vastness–it is the point of the production of the black blood cell (eyes into inner space). The 672nd point is the one that merges inner and outer space. The attitudes we must bring online in order to activate the power of these key terminals have to do with honoring the feminine way of knowing and expressing. We are given two affirmations for this”

“May I trust and accept the validity of non-cognitive knowing” (671st point) (2)

“May our appreciative acknowledgment of all aspects of the feminine restore her full glory.” (672nd point) (2)

Life is evolving at a rapid pace and reality can change in the instant through the inner shifts that we make, as we recognize the Self as all that is in our reality. It is truly time that we interact through the alchemy of the One as the Many, and the high alchemy of permeating everything in our environment through knowing it is the Self. As we treat ourselves, so we establish the laws of our reality.

And so the necessity for impeccability has never been greater than now, and impeccability is to our highest truth, which means we must be able to hear Infinite’s Intent. This happens when the mind is stilled–no longer the centralized power-monger, but rather in service to the deeper knowing that comes from the feminine.  When the mind decentralizes through alignment of the 3 centers of Head, Heart and Gut, as well as from our acknowledgment of and unconditional response to the superior knowing of the feminine aspect of our being, we tap into the power of inner space and are no longer trapped in the reality of linear change. Life slows down as we stand still, in centered poise, waiting for the future to come to us and engaging in full inclusiveness and glorious and confident expression as it does.

Our task at this time is to flourish–but not in the reality of man’s paradigm, rather, to flourish through full expression from the stirrings of inspiration from within, thereby manifesting a real self-sovereign environment.

To support the activation of these two terminal points, a Fragrance Alchemy kit with the two oils is available at a special price (and with a special gift), through the month of January.  Go to this link: Duo Kit~ Song of High Heart Blend and Lotus Oil to Merge Inner and Outer Space.

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