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FA Protocol for Low Back Pain

The low back is a vulnerable spot for most people. The gate of pristine man is at the sacrum area of the spine.

A suggested acupressure protocol (which may be augmented with FA) uses the Yuan source and Luo Connecting points–point categories.

  • KD 3 (source point) w/ UB 58 (connecting point), in combination with the distal point for low back/sacrum area, UB 54 (see pictures, below)
  • Apply Narcissus oil to KD-3, and Flower of Saffron to UB 58. Apply acupressure for about 1 minutes (by pressing firmly and moving finger in a circular motion for a few seconds, then pause and repeat.
  • Apply Flower of Saffron to UB 54, and use acupressure the stimulate the point, while flowing a pink-purple color to the low back area. Release fear, insecurity, and feeling unsupported, opening to receiving support from life, beyond what you may have thought possible. Do this over a period of time, for as long as needed.


  • An alternative is to do the full 12 meridian FA protocol and to the acupressure protocol, welcoming clearing of old stories of being unsupported through the entire meridian system, as you stimulate the points to support the back.
  • sacrum sigilYou may also wish to work with the spine affirmations and the sigils for the spine from Almine’s Book of Spells, and you may wish to focus especially on those for the area of stress in your back.
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