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The Eight Extraordinary Meridians ~ Transcending Linear Time & Static Space

8strangeflowsThe Eight Extraordinary Meridians (EMs) have come to be regarded as reservoirs that collect excess qi or supplement deficiency in the body, providing the body with the resources to regulate and maintain health and vitality.

From ancient Chinese texts, it is very clearly emphasized that the eight EMs are not influenced by the primary or ordinary meridians. The eight EMs represent the levels of creation that birthed the 12 ordinary meridians, and so the creation cannot affect the creator-level. From Almine’s teachings, we know that the 12 ordinary meridians are the channels of the vertical axis of existence (form), while the 8 EMs are the channels of the horizontal axis of formlessness (godhood). And so we have as correspondence that pristine man emerges from godhood, and cannot affect the horizontal level.

Yet the 8 extraordinary meridians can themselves be blocked or in distortion through 8 primary illusions that keep us in polarity (see the FA protocol, received by Almine, to dispel the primary illusions of the 8 extraordinary meridians). From ancient texts translated by Almine, we are told that when we use polarity as an energy source, then the resources of the One Life are denied to us. Polarity is a much lower method of generating resources, than is the power of transcendence. (The Tool of transcendence is explored to depth in the Rune Mastery Intensive program). Moreover, in using polarity, we are under the forces of inertia, and not expressing the tones of the mineral kingdom, which are necessary in order to ignite the Black Blood cells (the interdimensional eyes into out vastness and the fields of black light). (Almine describes the BBCs as necessary to see in the fields of black light.)

The eight EMs provide the infrastructure of the body, and correspond to the directions of space. They are also the masters of ‘time’, in that they regulate the endocrine/hormonal system, which is the system that instigates ‘time’ in the body through the regulation of the lifecycles. So long as we are under the illusions of polarity, space is static and form appears solid. We know from Almine’s teachings, that the movement between the poles held statically in place by the tension of opposites causes linear time. Under static space and linear time, the hormones secreted are ‘sticky and binding’–trapping resources into density through etheric binds with the players and situations in our lives.

When the eight EMs are flowing freely, on the other hand, then the possibility for the directions to heal and become internalized as fluid powers with which to express a self-sovereign and real environment becomes available to us. Beyond polarity, the eight EMs support the expression of higher hormones that do not bind–rather they combine alchemically through resonance, opening up higher potentials for ever greater refined life. We then operate outside of linear time, and become the key that unlocks new potentials through simultaneous centrifugal (we are the invisible force that permeates our environment) and centripetal forces (life rushes toward us) This is open to us at present, through understanding the power of the Runes and engaging them for leveraged evolution.

planes of motion of bodyThere are four non-bilateral meridians (Ren, Du, Chong, and Dai) that divide the body along the cardinal planes. These give us the infrastructure for the 8 subpersonalities. So long as they are not operating in harmony, are we subject to the directions as powers outside of us (the incubation chamber of the dream of separation, if you will). When they harmonize, then their evolution continues until we have merged them to yield new internalized directions of spaceless space. This culminates in the full expression of the 20 god and goddess archetypes, and is the state achieved by the Rune Grand Master who has become the Bridge of No Space. ).

8 sigil sheetFor those wishing to experience life as more fluid and responsive to indwelling consciousness, working to clear the illusions of the eight EMs is a necessary step. (The FA kit for the eight EMs is a good start, followed by the program for deeper clearing. You may explore the options in the products section, under 8 EMs–link provided here. The step after this is to activate the tones of fertility, which bring greater fluidity to the 12 ordinary meridians and begin to establish the possibility of a flourishing life lived outside of the law of compensation and slow depletion and aging. (Dispelling the Illusions of the Eight Extraordinary meridians and the Tones of Fertility is the original work of Almine,

The acupuncture points used to clear and activate resource flow through the eight EMs act as ‘switches’ that are the intersection (jiao hui) points. These are located on the extremities (hand/wrist or feet/ankles). These
switches are activated in pairs, with a master and a coupled point. By stimulating these points—with acupuncture, acupressure, a/o Fragrance Alchemy oils, we are able to impact on whole regions of the body as well as multi-dimensionally. The more the body has become a unified field across meridians and chakras, the more powerful is the process of activating these ‘switches’.

As the 12 OMs and 8 EMs begin to operate cooperatively and harmoniously, then we no longer live life/death or awake/asleep as alternate realities, but we live them simultaneously. It is then that the 8 operate upon the 12 to produce 96 tones of refined expression, which are captured in the Runes on each of the 7 fields. Only as the 12 ordinary meridians and the 8 extraordinary meridians are cleared of illusions and debris, and the 7 fields released from their matrices, can we truly wield the power of the 672 Runes of Power.

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Beautiful Owl image with the rune of the Magic of Living in the Moment (#7-96), by Phoebe Surana, (
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