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Resurrection Points and a ‘Steadying Point’

The 671st and 672nd Acupuncture Points

Between the Shamanic and the Toronto retreats in September/October 2014, Almine found the 2 missing acupuncture points on the body. There are 670 known, unique points on the 12 ordinary meridians and the first two extraordinary meridians (Du and Ren vessels). The Du and Ren are the meridians of godhood that become the Bridge of No Time when cleared of illusion and operating at higher functionality.

The two ‘missing points’ take us beyond the known. The first (671st) activates the black blood cell, which enables feeling beyond the matrix. For many, when reaching beyond the matrices of duality and false love, detachment was experienced and interpreted as aloofness, causing unease, self-judgment, and a return to the false programs. Yet when the BBCs are activated, a new depth and range of feeling is experienced, and we can then feel from the vastness and mulit-dimensionality of being.

Foundation to the Miraculous LifeThe 2nd is the 672nd point of the High Heart, and it takes us beyond the matrix of linear change, altogether–merging inner and outer space as one. Much happens when this point activates–in fact all life changes. There is a kit that works with the resurrection points and the clock of Infinite Intent to map out the Field of Hope. Another one focuses on these points in the context of activating the DNA (DNA Rose kit).

As the 672nd point activates, the entire meridian system and it acupuncture points move to higher functionality–it is the key that turns body evolution on to another level. The proper functioning of the meridians (through clearing and activating the tones of pristine man), enhances the opening and full expression of the acupuncture points (as little energy vortices). According to Almine, this “activates a second support system of bodily health and emotional well-being”.

There are 672 inner senses and 7 external senses (including the skin’s response to the environment without being touched, and the visceral response of the organs). The ability to communicate between the inner and outer sensory responses lies in the bridges between the inner and outer space: the 12 meridians.

The products explore these points and how they relate to the hidden organs of the body to bring online more DNA capacity, as well as their connection to the 7 and the 24 chakras and inner senses.

The locations and oils of these two resurrection points are:

  • 3 fingers-width under the hollow of the neck on the sternum: Song of the High Heart oil
  • About 2 inches above the navel: Lotus oil

Steadying Point

Du 26There is another point that is useful to know about as reality shifts. When you feel unease or disoriented from releasing belief structures and reference points, or when in shock should the walls of your life come tumbling down suddenly….use Lotus oil on Du-26.

To fathom that the Infinite is the only Being in existence, that there is only the Self…causes many things to fall away that we may be fond of. As we allow all that we thought we knew to dissolve, it is important to support this process to graceful unfoldment. No longer it is an option or an ‘if’ you allow the walls of the illusion to crumble, but rather ‘how’ you will have this unfold. When you work it actively, grace results; otherwise life will force change. Use this FA oil and point combination as you orient in a directionless reality of no reference points…reaching for the fluid reference point of delight and inner stirrings.

Apply the oil periodically, and tap the point to support graceful acceptance as things unravel.

(Sigils and Wheels by Almine, copyright Spiritual Journeys)

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