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Of Miracles, Field of Hope, Bird Clock, Time Maps, and Pheromones

Focus is heavily on the meridian system in Almine’s work, and this will continue to be so, as we go deeper and deeper into exploring high magic. While nothing can change so long as the meridians operate from programs, once those are cleared, we then get to the exciting part! Let me recap some of the important things to grasp in this regard, because beyond clearing emotions and programs lies a whole new realm of boundless possibility.

The 12 ordinary meridians (OMs) activate to higher functioning on harmlessness, while the eight extraordinary meridians activate through cultivating a fertile Field of Hope. (Many products are just coming out on this now –on this site and in Europe for the Dutch-speaking audience.).

The Field of Hope replaces the ‘matrix’ as our own virtual reality–it is supported by the fertile, vitalizing flow of the eight extraordinary meridians (EMs), as we live beyond the 8 primary illusions that have captured our consciousness in the dream of separation.

When free of attachment and in self-sovereignty, the eight EMs choose our reality in each moment, while the 12 OMs organize life within those fluid parameters. When the 12 OMs are free of memory and emotional stories, the ‘organization’ (in body systems and organs) is fluid such that all becomes a unified field–the organs and body systems are continually supplied with fresh intelligence for ever greater refinement.

While you may be focused on shifting emotional patterns, the effects will be far-reaching beyond what you might imagine. As the body is organized according to Infinite Intent and operating in harmonious cooperation, it yields its secrets and profound gifts. When we follow the cosmic rhythms of Infinite Intent (through the Lemurian Clock of Depth of Living, and now also the new Bird Clock of Song of the Hours, via the Field of Hope) these refined frequencies feed the entire body and cause it to operate in harmony, with ease and joy. It is cause for much more magic too!

The Field of Hope then becomes our vibrant and palpable ‘soap bubble’ that floats effortlessly on the Ocean of the One Life and is increasingly incorruptible by anything of lower resonance. Through it, we may explore any part of creation in the infinite vastness of the One Life, and we do so through the questions we hold regarding the mysteries of life. From these questions, space is formed which is the answer that comes as potential from our greater self. Time and space then emanate from us and we truly do create our own reality.

birdThe Field of Hope, combined with the new Bird Clock of Infinite Intent, is the most powerful tool that you will learn to master. The Bird Clock maps out the field of hope through interaction of the 8 EMs, working into the 12 OMs. Birdsong in interdimensional, and so as the membranes clear between the 7 fields of perception (chakras), through the power of the Bird Clock we will access the time maps of our Field of Hope on all 7 levels of reality.

The Bird Clock interfaces with inner space and, through the two DNA Roses, articulates its nuances as impulses of inspiration for the manifestation in outer reality. Through the pheromones of Infinite Intent that are thusly secreted and released, we are able to impact profoundly on our environment. Pheromones become increasingly complex and powerful, the more inner senses are activated which may be articulated into outer impulses. The Bird Clock supports this. (Other important tools to work with in preparation to wield the power of the tools of incorruptible white magic) are those to clear the 144 attachments of Heart, Mind, and Spirit, the 144 illusions at cause of grief and programs of separation, and all to do with clearing and activating the meridians. (Explore this website for full support!)

The Bird Clock It is a phenomenal tool of manifestation, that we will be able to wield masterfully, when the meridian system is cleared and expressing as a unified field. This too is a requirement for Rune Mastery, as the meridians act as the gatekeeper of the matrix otherwise.

bird calendar 8 segmentsFurthermore, we are headed to the creation of time maps of our daily intentions on 7 fields of perception. We become the map makers of the new reality—participating in the Expression of the Infinite Being through the Field of Hope.

Through this practice, we prepare for the grand adventure of mastering the runes, which adds orders of magnitude of potency to all that we do.

The first step is to cultivate the Field of Hope as a daily, hourly, moment by moment practice.
Through its cultivation, all desire translates to self-recognition, of qualities that you wish to express and perception that you wish to bring online that shifts experience of life in the moment. All this happens miraculously as the gap from inner and outer narrows, until you know that outer reality is your greater self…the boundless potential of your being. All then becomes a game of ‘self-discovery, in the playground of endless possibilities’.

I invite you to explore the miracles of Fragrance Alchemy at meridian clearing, and explore the wonders that open up through the unified meridian system, including their connection and mutual ignition with the seven fields of perception and inner space. Almine has given us tremendous tools and left us with all the clues to become the bridges to the new reality of high magic.

You may also consider a deep dive into the Foundation to the Miraculous Life Programs. The first runs from Feb 1 to mid March, and part 2 will follow soon after. Part 1 is prerequisite to part 2, so if you are interested in diving in, please send me an email at [email protected] without delay!

(Sigils and Wheels by Almine, copyright Spiritual Journeys)

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