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Dispelling the Primary Illusions in the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Dispelling the Primary Illusions in the Eight Extraordinary Meridians is the original work of Almine, Spiritual Journeys, LLC,

Eight primary illusions have trapped consciousness in duality, and prevented the knowing of the fluid, boundless, unfathomable nature of being. Cut off from the eternal, formless part of ourselves, we have lived separated from our Source, and have lost sight of the dignity, the beauty, the flawlessness, and perfection of life that is ever present.

The ever-present flawless perfection of life is revealed to the one who lives from knowing he has neither beginning nor end, and that nothing has power over his incorruptible core.

It is time that the illusions dissolve now, that the nobility of being be revealed. May the meridian system become a unified field that catalyzes evolution through the perpetually vitalizing flow of Infinite Intent moving through our being. May this transpire in those awakening from the dream of separation, so that all life begins to flourish.

Purify 8 eq

Alchemical equation received by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys (

The sense of smell never fell into duality ~ Let fragrant oils heal the storage of old memories

Background on the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

8strangeflowsThe eight extraordinary meridians (EMs) are the meridians of godhood, oneness, and of levitation. They are the deep reservoirs of first cause for our reality that feed and supply the 12 ordinary meridians with direction and  life force.

They are the first pathways to emerge in the embryo–starting just above the pineal gland to the base of the spine.  From these pathways, the cell divides and the infrastructure of our reality is established.  The eight EMs thus give us the eight directions. In the matrix of duality, these directions have been lived as  polarized opposites, causing many illusions to be sustained through trapped memory.

As the eight EMs purify and we operate beyond duality, the eight cells at the base of the spine begin to perpetually self-regenerate, and we are then able to choose our reality through cultivated perspectives and attitudes. Through the cultivation of higher principles, the body evolves to its higher potentials, and is able to behold the reality of our vastness and indivisibility from Source.

Beyond Programs and Illusions

When free of illusion, the 8 EMs become the fluid infrastructure of our chosen reality, that reshapes according to our interpretation of Infinite Intent. We become the experience of Infinite Intent expressing through us. The 12 ordinary meridians then take the directives from the 8 EMs and organize the body accordingly (affecting organs), as well as articulate the directives of life from the 8 EMs into manifestation.

The clearing of the 8 EMs  is necessary to move to oneness and then through to resurrection. When purified, the reality of individuation that has been life in duality becomes a perspective or tool, rather than prison and tyrant.  As tools, oneness and duality may be lived as ‘integrated oneness’. We are moving from the ‘flat figure eight’ to the reality of the Moebius circuit that lives all perspectives simultaneously.

The High Mind and the Inner Babe – Gateway to Resurrection

From Almine’s teachings, we are told that the sub-personalities of resurrection are the High Mind and the Inner Babe. Through the gifts of duality, the High Mind understands the power of living in surrendered trust, mindlessness, and automatic action impelled by a force of inevitability that wells up as impulses from depth of inner space. It is then that the ‘twist’ occurs in the figure eight, causing both realities–oneness and the many (individuation)–, which have been lived separately thus far, to be lived as perspectives and tools of expression. We then live in integrated oneness, stopping the movement of linear time in the tube torus.. The point of the twist is the High Heart.

In integrated oneness, the High Mind that can see the value of duality as imparting appreciation of all the nuances of expression,  then lives the ‘compressed’ perspective of being ever new in each moment. Through this refined perspective, High mind creates the pristine space for the  Inner Babe; inner babe lives in depth of feeling from the unknowable, that brings the potential for ever greater refinement and evolved awareness to the High Mind. Both may be part of a seamless Moebius circuit of the High Heart, merging inner and outer space. The 8 EMs are the pathways that make this resurrected state possible.

Almine has shared that as we live from the compressed perspective of integrated oneness, the resurrection acupuncture points on the body (see FA products for the High Heart) activate, opening the  portal of oneness with the Infinite. As the High Heart activates, inner and outer realities merge as one, causing the dissolution of enslaving programs of belief systems, and the activation of the 672 acupuncture points of the body to their higher function, which is to flow the pheromones of divine intent to shape a new reality. The eight EMs are also the masters of the endocrine/hormonal system and their purification is percursor to the ability to engage the high magic of the pheromones.

The Full Meridian System ~ From Known, to Unknown, and Unknowable ~ Bridges of No Time, and of No Space

  • The 12 ordinary meridians respond to the world of our environment–the known. They organize what has been made known.

Bridge of No time

  • The first two of the EMs bridge the known and the unknown. They are the Du (Governing) and Ren (Conception) vessels, which form the Bridge of No Time when purified. The two primary qualities that bring these online are 1- taking complete responsibility for our environment’s unfoldment, and 2- living according to the inspiration received from Source, as it ripples through inner space.  We then live with one foot in the outer and one in the inner world, bridging the two seamlessly. This is what the Rune master is able to do.

High Heart

  • The next six EMs are necessary to bring the unknowable into the unknown. These vessels have been called mysterious, curious, imponderable and are referred to as “strangeflows”–they are the vessels that activate in high magic, and make up the Bridge of No Space. The connecting point of these two bridges of time and space is the portal of the High Heart.

Product to Clear and Activate the 8 EMs!

You are invited to go deeply into dissolving the eight primary illusions of the eight EMs, with the potency of the alchemical oils, video and audio meditations, and meridian light elixirs by Almine.  Clearing and activating teh 8EMs  is a necessary step in evolving the body beyond duality, as well as part of the path to mastering the Runes.

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The EMs are unfathomable flows as the bridge to inner space. The equations given by Almine are the alchemy to dispel the primary illusions that have bound us to many matrices, in order that we may live the paradox and enter into integrated oneness with the Infinite.  Embodying their powers, eventually enables the 8 EMs to operate as living bridge that assemble our reality in each moment. Beyond this level of clearing is a whole new level of body activation. A first tool that will bring this about, is the Clock of the Tones of the Hour of Infinite Intent (Bird Clock). The 8 EMs are the vessels through which the body evolves and we may flow the pheromones of divine Intent into manifestation.Every aspect of our evolution at present can be brought back to either the 12 OMs or the 8 EMs, as they capture our full potential and the totality of the Embodiment of the Infinite.  You are invited to go deeply into the wonderful tools and Fragrance Alchemy!

(Sigils and Wheels by Almine, copyright Spiritual Journeys,

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