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Jingwell Points for Instant Shifts and Emotional Intervention


Jing Well Points

The points on hands and feet are the more superficial and most dynamic ones along any of the twelve ordinary meridian channels. Being the most superficial, they are the points representing the connection between the body and the environment. Emotionally, they relate to the connection between the psyche and external influences, and they directly impact on our programmed or patterned reactions.

These special points  are where the energy changes polarity from yin to yang or vice versa. Due to this polarity change, the life force energy is most unstable and therefore most easily influenced at these points. They are referred to as jingwell points, where jing means essence.

Acupuncture Perspective

From an acupuncture or acupressure perspective, the jingwells have a particularly strong effect on the mental-emotional state and are known to quickly change a person’s mood.

These most superficial points are potent for

  • release of excess or distressing emotions, (tapping or holding the finger or foot points will produce immediate relief). Use for irritability, mental restlessness or confusion, anxiety, and emotional states of extreme imbalance.
  • as emergency points (for things like fainting, extreme breathlessness, or shock), because, much like a ‘reset button, they produce immediate changes to the flow of energy in the meridians affected.

These are called’ miracle points’, and are best used when you have no idea how to treat something–simply stimulating these points to flush the qi through all the meridians will reset the entire system and restore calm.

When using them, apply the FA oils as indicated in the protocol for the 12 ordinary meridians to associated hand and foot points.

Because of the power of the jingwells to cause instant changes in qi flow, they are recommended for use particularly in cases of acute emotional states, especially if you notice physiological changes too. You can do ths for yourself, or by proxy for those in your environment. Hold intention to release all the static programs and assumptions that are implicated in the acute imbalanced state.

These are good points to use with children in states of agitation and over-excitement. The FA master1 blend for children may be used, and oil rubbed in into finger tips and toes, as appropriate. For over-excitement, Heart point on the pinky is a good ’emergency’ intervention. See Children’s Program offered as a 2-month intensive.

The foot points are also good ones to use if you do want to minimize the scent from the FA oils, as you can wear six of the oils on the feet, under socks and shoes.

The hand points are also good alternatives if you are fully dressed and cannot easily reach points under your clothing.

They are easy to have clients apply, when hands-on treatment is not part of your services.

From an Esoteric Perspective

Being the most superficial, they are the points representing the connection between the body and the environment. They surface nearest the skin, and cause a reversal in qi flow, correcting imbalances such as taking things personally and seeing outer reality as having an effect on you. When used to release the programs that sustain duality and illusion that outer reality is apart from Self, you can accelerate the opening of the High Heart point that causes life to become fluidic and shape gracefully according to your evolving consciousness.

Appplying FA Oils to the Jingwells

You can use the various hand and foot points in lieu of the points given in the main protocol for the 12 OMs. You might do this for various reasons, given the above information.

These are also good points to use when you want to good dose of an oil. For example, if you are working on cultivating a Field of Hope (explored deeply in the Foundation-1 and Foundation-2 programs), then FA oils of Blue Lagoon a/o Sandalwood (both in the 20-meridian oil kit) can be used to support hope in your field. You may use the oil for pristine man (Rose oil), godhood (Lotus), and super-godhood (Song of the High Heart) to boost your intentions through the 8-hour periods of day (according to the Clock of the Tones of the Hour). If you are working to clear belief systems, then you might want a powerful ‘dose’ of Queen of the Nile a/o Henna Flower, or to quiet the mind you might apply Patchouli to finger and toe points.

You may make FA-oil blends for the meridians on hands, and one for the meridians on feet, and rub a few drops into hands and feet as a quick emotional intervention or as a quick nourishing boost to the whole body. You can add a bit of a high quality carrier oil (especially recommended for use on children). I actually wear the FA oils as ‘body nourishment’, with the intention to entrain them to higher octaves of expression, and quick application is sometimes easier to fit in!

Blend for Hand Jingwells: Lotus (SI), Rose, (Ht), Blend of the Gods/Oud (TH), Henna (Per), Jasmine (LI), Neroli (Lu)

Blend for Foot Jingwells: Patchouli (GB), Sandalwood (St), Gardenia (Liv), Goddess/Fuchsia (Sp), Flower of Saffron (UB), Narcissus (Ki)

Intervention to Break so-called ‘Habits’

Habits are illusory, since memory too is illusion. Have the jingwell yin and yang blends in the kitchen. When you feel like snacking, pause to see if you are operating under the programming of apparent habit, and take a few moments to ‘nourish your body’ with all the tones/vibrations that it may be missing. Ask the angelic beings and hidden realms that are working through the FA oils to awaken these tones within you, and bathe your body with all that it needs in this moment.

The 12-ordinary meridian kit comes with information on acupuncture point categories to use with FA, and the FA practitioner training has more techniques to diagnose imbalance, and to use powerful Belvaspata prototocls according to imbalance.

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